The Day Quinnie Discovered Her Scar.

It was coming. We knew it would happen eventually. And tonight it did.

(Taking from FB at the moment because if I write too much more, I will bawl and then carry on & that's not what this is about)

I missed this interaction but still appropriate to record: 
After bath, Quinn was looking in the mirror and finally noticed her quite lengthy chest scar. 
She asked what it was and Matt said "It's where they fixed your heart." 
Quinn said "It was broken??". 
Matt said, "No, baby, they just fixed it. It was never, ever broken." 
Quinn asked if it hurt and Matt said a little bit but you were very strong. 
Tears, tears, and more tears. 
From Mom & Dad, not Quinnie. She is so proud. 

She ran down the stairs and said "Look, Mommy - my heart doesn't hurt anymore!"

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A Most Perfect Gift

Besides the mani/pedi and alone time I had at the grocery store for my birthday, I arrived home to see this little beauty pop up on my Facebook page. And she's all mine. 
Well, not really - technically she has parents. 
But she only has one Aunt :) And I am proud to have her as a niece. Love you K-Bug!!! 
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love you to the moon and back.

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