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Two posts in one day? Well, I never...

Anyway, as I was posting earlier, I saw that I never updated the bloggy world on Q's results. And just thought I would share a few random things we've been up to - if nothing but for my memory :)

1. Quinn's Results - Came out better than we imagined. Basically we are still in watchful waiting. The doctor did see some worsening, specifically of her right ventricle which is now mildly dilated from the extra leakage in the plumbing (there are fancier words but that suffices for now). At any rate, we'll need to take care of that at some point - which if it were to happen now would be open-heart surgery. Yet so many advances are happening so we are crossing our fingers that there will be a less-invasive procedure once it is needed (he's predicting age 10-13 but we'll see). Her pulmonary arteries are still narrow but mostly unchanged from the last MRI, so we are looking at hopefully a couple more years before we need to stent those out. And finally her pulmonary valve remains "bad" but good :) So strange. At any rate, it's working ok and doing it's job. It was an extremely emotional and long day but Quinn was a total champ the entire time. She amazes me.
Big brother ate breakfast with his best friend and hitched a ride to school with him. Takes a village, people. 

This was here waiting for the doctors and anesthiologist - no food or water for 14+ hours and a perfect angel.

2. Quinn is all about girly stuff these days - I mean, she always has been in some respect but it is in FULL FORCE. She wants sparkly nails, always wants to wear pink, dresses up in her 4 princess gowns each day, has more jewelry on than me, and I am just waiting for her to say she wants her ears pierced. 

3. This one I didn't see coming - Ryan has always been so easy-going when it comes to clothes. I just simply laid them out and he was fine with whatever. First, he started drawing a line in the sand at jeans. Then came the day that he would only wear Turtle, Dinosaurs, or Numbers shirts. God bless. He only has about 5 total which means all hell breaks loose when they are all dirty. So I Febreeze them. I'm not ashamed. 

4. We celebrated Valentine's Day very quietly - just our family. A few little gifts for the kids, a special lunch out, and then Matt and I had steak & shrimp after they went to bed. A nice departure from the chicken and mac 'n cheese fare I am usually subjected to. 

5. Matt and I had a fun, adults-only, fancy evening out at the Katy Chamber of Commerce Gala. It was so much fun and so nice to get dressed up. Almost felt like prom :) Big thanks to Gigi and Steve for making the drive from the Big D to watch the kiddos. 

6. The next day was GORGEOUS so we decided to head to No Label Brewery in old Katy for a few beers and music. Totally kid friendly and such a blast. 

6. My friend Ashley and I, along with a couple of others, hosted a sip 'n see for our bestie Erin and her new little girl Reagan. Love these girls - they are my people!

7. We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Austin to celebrate my niece K-Bug's 1st birthday. I'm so in love with this little girl and so glad we could all be there. The party was at The Little Gym and R&Q had a total blast being the "big kids" for once. 

8. More to come - still have another trip to Austin to post about - we finally celebrated Christmas with Matt's side of the family. In February. Yeah. Now my kids think that Santa is pretty much a year-round thing :) Honestly, we've just had a lot going on - mostly all good - but some things (like blogging regularly) have had to take a back seat. We are in a season, I suppose. I have so much more I want to write about but a certain job would actually like for me to get some work in while the house is quiet and I don't have Umizoomi blaring in the background.
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The ABC's of Me - Houston Moms Blog

So excited that I can finally announce that I am a Contributor for the Houston Moms Blog. It's a great group of mommas who write fantastic posts every day for the women of Houston (and beyond, of course!). I am humbled and thrilled to be included --- and a little scared :) 

My first official post hit this morning - every contributor does one called "The ABC's". Let me tell you, it is HARD to write about yourself. I can write about my life or our crazy happenings without any thought at all but to put yourself down on paper - well. I had about 8 edits and 2 total redo's. At any rate, here it is. If you are a Houston momma, I encourage you to follow Houston Moms Blog. I think you will love it!


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CHD Awareness Week & Guest Post at Houston Mom's Blog

In honor of Congenital Heart Awareness Week (Feb. 7th - 14th), I am over at the Houston Mom's Blog recounting our story of Quinn's heart journey. What a difficult, blessed, heart-wrenching, and amazing roller coaster it has been. I hope you'll pop over and read our story - and some other incredible stories up on their blog today! Thank you, Houston Mom's blog, for taking a day to tell the stories of our children. Happy Heart Week!

Click here for the post.


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