SEC West Champs - and we continue to march on....

Oh my. I was so nervous about LSU v Arkansas this year. I am always nervous about that game because they have a tendency to upset us --- and I was envisioning our perfect season going down the drain. I had so much nervous energy that I had to get out of the house and hit up a little Black Friday shopping pre-game timetime. Of course, Black Friday shopping now is never for me - but the babies made out like bandits. Or at least Quinn did. I am tired of buying the same old stuff for Ryan when he can just wear a polo shirt or a button down with jeans or cords and look dapper.

Anyway, gametime rolled around & Gigi broke out her LSU paraphenilia, including beads for everyone, including the babies. We even had some small gold pom poms. We were ready.

Then suddenly it was 14-0.



Fortunately, I was conserving my energy for the 2nd half so I wasn't too upset. Gigi was getting beside herself. I tried to remind her it was early.

And so it was.

We ended up blowing them away 41-17.

Yes. Life was good.

Even more fun was to watch the babies cheer on our team. Ryan especially was into the game and kept us all laughing hysterically with his antics. The more we laughed, the harder he cheered. The resident comedian.

And of course, the obligatory pictures:

Quinn looks a little worried about the score - don't worry, baby girl - we came back!

Yeah, we had to take the beads away from Ryan after he attempted strangulation multiple times

Ma gave the kids an early Christmas present of these adorable chairs (which match perfectly with my living room decor!). Of course, they each like to sit in the other one's chair. Go figure.

Quinn playing with Uncle Zeb

Look, we scored!!!

Again, a baby with a beer??? What are we teaching our children? Oh yes, how to properly tailgate for an LSU game.

Ryan and I had almost matching outfits

The crew

So serious (and again, not in HER chair)

Fake eating. It's the new thing around here.

After the excitement of the game, it was time for bath and pjs - we broke out the Christmas ones! (Oh and I am OBSESSED with this Old Navy 2 piece pjs. They are sooooo soft)

Not sure what they were looking for - Santa already???

Family pic

Uncle Zeb and Aunt Emmy with the kids. (And Ryan made Em's night by saying "Emmmy" over and over again FINALLY! Don't think Gigi was jealous at all, ha!)

My little man. I thought we took those beads away???

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we hosted Thanksgiving again at our house. We were blessed to have Matt's mom, my mom & Steve, and Matt's sister Emily & husband Zeb join us (my brother and sis-in-law had to stay in Austin for Christina's work & Matt's other brother & family visited Stacey's parents  in East Texas). We are so thankful that everyone was willing to travel since we aren't quite comfortable enough yet to leave the safety of Houston and Texas Children's being nearby.

It was a wonderful holiday with delicious food and great company. It goes without saying that this year Thanksgiving had an even more powerful meaning - thankful for the health of my kids, my amazing husband, and incredibly family that has supported us and held us up throughout this entire journey. I took lots of pictures, but with all the excitement of getting food ready, Matt and I again missed out a family picture opportunity. Except for the one near the redneck turkey frying station outside. Oh well. Maybe next year.

I found these pictures from last year - wow, what a difference a year makes...

My little butterballs!

They were not even 6 months old here - yikes! Where does the time go??!!

Worn out from watching us all eat the turkey & fixings. This year, they actually got to partake (well, they napped through our meal, but they enjoyed lefties!)

Now some of this year's pictures:

The Grandmas

My little turkey man

Momma and her little boy - no more baby!

My little princess - look, her hair is growing some more!

Gigi and me

Aunt Emmy and Quinnie

Emmy & Ry Guy

Umm yeah, hard to hold 2.

A little trashy but it worked! I don't know what this was all about - except that the guys felt very manly when it was all said and done.

My best attempt at Gig 'Em. Hey, it's not my school. I'm just supporting them.

Ahhhh, that's my girl.

Ry went for a long walk with Ma around the block!

Yup, our family picture for this year - it was a gorgeous day though!

Ryan is just one of the boys.

Mom, you can't hug me around the boys!!!

Yup, that's a fried turkey in my laundry room. Again, I don't know why.

Delirious from the events of the day.

Oh, my sweet happy girl!

Thanksgiving love!

Melt my heart

Ma and Ry Guy

Keeping it classy, Clanahans

Quinn checking out Black Friday ads with Steve.

3 Generations.

Why is it always funny to see a baby with a beer???

Thanksgiving table (I did not decorate this year - could not get the energy. But my mom was nice enough to bring a pretty centerpiece for my table!)

Recovery time after the festivities!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thess 5:18)

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Just For Fun...November Pictures

Here are a few more pics of the kids. As you can see in most of them, they are "action" shots. These kids are wayyyy too busy to stop and actually give momma a smile. We're still working on "Cheese!!!!"

Quinn getting a little pre-game workout in

All I see is her big eyes in this picture. Love them!

Ryan was literally running away from the camera at a dead sprint

Ry, Ry - don't look sad! The Aggies actually played a full game and WON on Saturday!

Nothing says class like showing a little belly & a little fly down. Oh well. Still cute!

Pre-hair cut. He looks thrilled, huh???

This just cracks me up. This was Matt's attempt to get a picture of Ryan pre-second cut

Post hair cut. Not my favorite cut but it works. I need someone with big experience with big cowlicks

But if you wear boxes on your head, does it really matter?

Quinn hanging out. We finally caved and brought out some of her push toys since she seems much more stable on her feet these days. She's happy to have her old friends back.

Not quite how that works, Quinnie.
Loving mommy's hat. It was a big hit this morning.

Quinn chasing down the hat

Got it. Burnt orange matches the peacocks perfectly!

Is it really NOVEMBER??? Shorts and sandals.

Ryan made it up the slide.

Oh so proud of himself

Quinn hanging out in the swing for good reason. She probably would have tried the slide trick, too - and we're not quite ready for that yet!

Another shot

Ryan thrilled at Little Gym. LSU day. We always go on Saturdays, thus the ever-changing collegiate gear every week. Each week they wonder who we are cheering for, A&M, LSU, or the occasional UT depending upon who they are playing. Too bad the kids don't have any clothes. Poor things.

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