Well, Today has been a DAY. More on that later.

For now, a few recent pics of the kids. Not from the high-quality camera I still have yet to master and/or download (upload?) to the computer. Just from the run of the mill, point and shoot. So I apologize for quality.

But as you can see, everyone is doing well (at least in these pictures, I didn't capture the meltdowns of the week for fear that I would be tempted to show them at their future rehearsal dinners). Sarcasm aside, all is well - Quinn is doing great, eating well and recovering on point. Both kids are hitting their "2"s a tad bit early for mommy's taste but still immensely grateful to be home with both of my babies under one roof.

We went a little stir crazy today - our tv blew up yesterday (I know, the absolute TRAGEDIES we face, right??) But seriously, my kids love music and half of the time we have dance parties to CMT, Mickey Mouse Club, some Pirate show, etc --- so that was out the window. I read a thousand stories, said "what does a duck say? Quack Quack" at least a hundred times, gave lots of kisses, let them play all over the couch, didn't get a lick of work done - and by the end of the day, I think we were all bored with each other. This whole "stay away from people bizness" gets old quick. We did do a drive through run at Sonic and we got gas at Kroger for excitement. :) Whoo Hoo!

So at last resort, I brought in their special cars -- we usually reserve them for outside use only, but today was a "special" day. And probably only day. There are TWO CARS. There are TWO BABIES. That math makes sense, right? Oh but now, what the other one has, the other one wants. So came lessons in sharing, a few time-outs, and several times I wanted to rip my hair out so I could yell too for some unknown reason.

But alas, we got some fun pictures. And for those of you wondering --- yes, bad days happen at the Clanahan's --- but even the bad days don't hold a candle to the worst days when Quinnie wasn't home with us. Happy Weekend to you all!

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