Tis the Season for Lists

It must be the time of year. I am completely unable to think of anything in paragraphs - only lists. So far, I've made lists for the turkey day grocery store run, Christmas present lists, greeting card lists, and not to mention, the very belated "thank you note" list for all of the people who were so kind during Q's surgeries. Yikes on the last one. I promise I am working on it - and it's killing my Southern style that I have not yet completed them.

So, here's yet another blog in a form of a "list". Forgive me.

1. I think I mentioned that we had a pretty rough end to the week last blog post. Oh my. I think this whole "containment" thing is starting to get to all of us. I've never been so happy to see the weekend come. And I've never been so happy to see Matt come home with a new tv. And then I realized that I am 100% spoiled that I couldn't possibly survive 2 days without one. Yuck. (And it's not like we don't have 2 other tvs - they just happen to be in rooms that are not quite baby-proofed & I didn't want the drama of saying "No, no, no, put that down, don't pull on that, leave my hairbrushes alone, aghhhhh my straightener, don't touch!"

2. Matt and I went on our first date in at least 6 weeks on Saturday night. We typically try to at least have some alone time at least a couple of times a month and given the circumstances of the past couple of months, it was soooo needed. We went to Maggiano's near the Galleria for the first time in years. They have a new deal (well, new to us, I don't actually know if it's "new" per se) but if you order a classic pasta, then you get to pick another classic pasta to take home complimentary! For a family on a twin budget (not to mention a medical bill & new tv budget), this was music to our ears. So dinner last night was complimentary thanks to our date night - and we still have lefties. It's the little things that make me happy. Like not cooking dinner.

3. We had our first "bad" report card on how the twins did while we were gone. Honestly, I think it's just their age, but still... they usually do so well. Anyway, it's not like they acted out, but apparently Quinn didn't want to eat any dinner, pitched it all to the dog, cried all the way through her bath, and in fact, pretty much cried if our babysitter wasn't holding her. And then she had a tough time going down as well. Normally, this wouldn't bother me so much, but hearing that she was continually crying off and on scared me to death. Mainly because I don't think I have recovered from her constant moaning when she was so sick. So I just prayed and prayed that it had to do with separation anxiety and that she would be fine when she woke up Sunday. And she was. Thank God. I've finally stopped shaking.

4. I took Ryan to get his 2nd haircut yesterday. His hair is super baby fine, plus he has major cowlicks. And he's a toddler who constantly moves his head during the actual cutting. So needless to say, this isn't my favorite haircut but I suppose it's better than the shaggy "do" that was hanging in his eyes. After his haircut, I took him to the grocery store, where he spent the entire time waving at people going "Hiiiiiiii" and "Yeppppppp" (his new favorite word). It was nice to get him out in the real world for a bit, a luxury he doesn't have during the week. Even if it was just errands.

5. I can't wait until Quinn is well enough to just go out with mommy and do errands. First thing on my list will be to take her shoe shopping, instead of having a "date" with me to the doctor's office. I just want to have a few hours of just us and have some "girly" time that doesn't involved her being poked and prodded. Quinnie, it's marked on my calendar, ok baby?

6. I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about what we are going to wear for our family pictures this year. We were actually supposed to do them a few weeks ago, but rescheduled not knowing how Quinn would be feeling. Because we postponed, we will actually have New Year's cards this year instead of Christmas ones, but considering my aforementioned comment on my inability to get out my thank you notes, I think it will work out. And actually, I already have the twins' outfits picked out - it's just mine that's giving me fits. I always wear some sort of sweater/jeans/boot combo, so I am considering going out on a limb with a skirt - and given that I haven't worn a skirt in months, it's a daunting choice. We'll see. I envy Matt. I just have to throw him a button down or sweater that coordinates and he's good. Guys just don't realize how lucky they are.

7. I am really tired of the phrase from our local weatherman of "unseasonably warm temperatures and extreme humidity" when it's LATE NOVEMBER. Yesterday I walked outside and could have sworn I was transported back to August. It was so incredibly nasty that for the first time in years, I wore my hair curly. In public. To church. I am not a curly hair girl. I usually do everything I can to fight the curly hair. Mainly because it's not so much curly as it is wavy and kinky with random nice places of curls. Very flattering look. Since the babies were born, I've done that Brazilian keratin thing and it's been a lifesaver. But I don't have the time, money, or the patience to do it until after the New Year, so curly it is. I think it actually started out ok, but by the end of the day, the frizz took over and it was HUGE, y'all. Like Texas pageant hair, circa late 1980's HUGE. I only needed permed bangs, blue eye shadow, and a uni-belt to complete the look.

8. I don't know if you've heard, but LSU remains atop the BCS polls. And we have a very, very, very big game on Friday afternoon. I am already nervous. We will have family in town but I am considering locking myself in the bedroom to watch the game so I don't completely embarrass myself or utter too many choice words in front of my little ones' virgin ears. Not to mention embarrass my mother for raising such a "lady".

9. After months of holding off on introducing eggs to the babies because of my egg allergy (which only seems to grow worse with age), we finally got the go-ahead to give it a try. We had waited because no one wanted any extra excitement before Quinn's surgery and her recovery. So last Friday on Matt's day off (in case we needed to make an emergency trip to the hospital), we made them scrambled eggs. Well, "we" is a loosely defined term. Matt made them and I watched. And tried to learn. That's right. I don't know how to scramble an egg. Or boil one, or make an omelet, or really anything egg-cooking related except for cracking it. The great news is that there were no reactions. And the better news is that Quinn really liked them. I am so grateful to have another high-cal option to throw into the breakfast mix. Ryan wasn't so sure as it takes him about 4 tries of anything new to decide if he likes it or not. But once the weekend was over, he was decidedly an egg fan. (Either that or he pitched it secretely to Max, which is highly probable)

10. I think my "babies" are starting the terrible 2's a little early. I think part of the frustration is that, while they are talking up a storm, most words are unintelligible. I have no idea what they want most of the time and they pitch a fit out of frustration. Plus, they are just becoming more and more independent and when mommy says "No", it's a big deal to them. They do not like to be told "no" for anything. I guess I don't blame them. But I alternate between complete frustration and total bemusement when I see them throw themselves on the floor and collapse into tears. Actually, Quinn is the drama queen in pitching herself backwards (no matter what type of material may lay behind her) and starts kicking and crying and rolling around. Ryan is a little more subtle, but just as loud. He chooses to dissolve into tears and go face down into the floor with heaving sobs. I've done some reading, and I am definitely not an expert on toddler tantrums. Most the time, I choose to say something like "I'm sorry you're upset" and then I ignore them and walk away. Sounds heartless but I have horrible fears of them starting these tantrums in public - and I want to try to do anything I can to avoid that. After a few minutes, they realize a) I'm not paying attention and b) They still aren't going to get what they want. I will say the tantrums are getting a bit exhausting but I know it's all a part of it --- if anyone has advice, feel free to share!

11. As I was writing my "list" post, my friend Lisa posted her own list of things about Q's boyfriend. Great minds. Anyway, she posted some better pictures than what I had from her visit with us (my camera was on a black & white setting and I had no idea how to turn it off). Take a peek here and check out the cutest little man - and also a picture that made me laugh out loud (Ryan in tears - is that wrong of me that it made me smile??) Our friendship has been totally orchestrated by The Man, and this past week another really cool God thing happened through our blogs - blogging is a small, small world. More on that later but much love to Hayes and Harper!

12. I've mentioned once or five times on my blog and facebook how excited I am for Thanksgiving this year. I feel blessed that our families are traveling to be with us (although not everyone can make it & we will miss y'all so much!). I usually get a little uptight about hosting, but this year I am going to do my best to relax and just enjoy. We also have big plans to do some rearranging of furniture - we had moved a lot out of the way in our living room to give the babies more space, but now that they pretty much have the run of the place, I would like my living room back, please. We'll see how long it lasts but I am sure my guests would appreciate other places to sit besides the floor.

13. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Safe travels for those of you hitting the road or the skies ---and many blessings upon you and yours!

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