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Honestly, I don't know if anyone reads this thing anymore but I do like to update it every now and again with my Houston Moms Blog posts, if nothing else than for posterity :) It has been a ROUGH few weeks around the C Household, multiple sicknesses {flu, strep, sinus infections, and double ear infections}- I love the wonderful weather we can experience in January and February in Houston but it's a KILLER on the body with 50 degree swing in temperatures every day. That said, I am praying we are all on the mend. This week is jam packed and I need to be on my a-game.

Last week I shared two posts with the Houston Moms Blog readers :: one was a totally spontaneous, super sarcastic post about The Bachelor {total guilty pleasure here} and the other had been planned for quite awhile - the story of our marriage. It's quite possibly my most transparent sharing to date and I was scared to death at the reactions I would get. Mercifully, every one was so kind and encouraging with a lot of people saying "Me too!" Whew. Someone asked me why I feel compelled to be open about our struggles. The only succinct reason I can come up with is that simply I feel called to. Our story is not in vain and if it helps one person feel not alone, then it's worth it. I believe God gave me a tiny voice to share for a reason if that makes sense at all. Anyway, the two posts couldn't be more different :) If you want to check them out, see below!

{Big thanks to my sweet friend Jenn, fellow HMB contributor for the starting point on this one!}

Hope y'all have a great week!

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