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Y'all. This summer has just about sucked the life out of me. It has been a GREAT one, full of vacations, trips to grandmas' houses, Vacation Bible Schools, swimming, and so much more. But not gonna lie, 4 months off was TOUGH. Totally out of my routine. And as much as I love my littles, it is totally time for them to rejoin the preschool ranks - they start Preschool 4's TODAY! How did that happen? Anyway, here is a brief catch up of what I've been doing over at Houston Moms Blog the past couple of months. {Side note: super exciting events coming up in the fall. Would love for you to join us!}

1. Forever 5 Minutes Late ::  7:45am :: My tow-headed twins finally make their way downstairs, and as expected begin making all sorts of unreasonable demands. You know, like actual food I have to cook. Or defrost. Whatever. One asks for a banana. It breaks in the peeling process. This is unfortunate, yes. To the said child, it’s the WORST THING EVER THAT HAS HAPPENED IN FOUR YEARS OF LIFE. Tantrum ensues. Child ends up in time out. Hasn’t eaten breakfast yet.
:: 8:00am :: Child has recovered from the banana trauma. Sort of. Requests a new banana because the other one is permanently deformed. I hesitate to give the new banana – but my head is starting to pound, and I’m not sure how much more fight I have left in me over A BANANA. Child scores new banana and has another point in the win column in the “wear Mommy down” war.... Read More Here
2. Reasons, Seasons, & Lifetime of Friendships :: Years ago, that may have bothered me. The girl who thought her social calendar should always be full, the need to be surrounded by “friends” for a sense of value. But now, I feel so grateful that I have my lifetime friends. We have cried together, weathered every type of possible storm, hysterically laughed over inane things, shared births, mourned deaths, loved on, cooked for, called regularly, and everything in between. I would not be the woman, the mom, the wife, or the friend that I am today without these amazing ladies. They span the time horizon from preschool and diapers, through high school, into college, and now into this journey of mommyhood. Read more here...
3. Why Grocery Shopping Gives me Hives :: Why. Oh, why? The impulse of buying a PayDay or Rolos was difficult to avoid in the B.C. days. Now the check out lines have displays of everything a child could want, from candy to toys to even Hello Kitty chapstick. If I’ve managed to maintain even a shred of sanity in our shopping trip, it’s destroyed as soon as the toddlers start rifling through every bar of chocolate goodness. “But Mommy, they have M&M’s!!! Puh-leaze, just one special treat???” So while trying to unload the carts in a semi-organized fashion, I’m also peeling children off of display cases and admonishing them from touching everything with their grubby hands. Clearly I know why the grocery store marketers do it, but it’s just so darn unfair to us after already playing the game of survival of the fittest. They could at least have a Xanax display. Read more here...
4. 5 Tips for Raising a Strong-Willed Child :: She’s a fighter, that one. And for that I’m glad. I believe her strong-willed personality has served her well in her young 4 years. But it has also given me a fair amount of grey hair and wrinkles. Not to mention the times I’ve wanted to bash my head against the wall because it would be less painful than jumping into the ring with her again. Read more here...
Happy End of Summer! Hope to be back more often - ya know, with real, live posts ;) 

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