The Scar...God's Handprints

I decided I really want to track the evolution of Quinn's scar (or as we like to refer to it as "God's Handprints"). I NEVER want her to be ashamed of this mark on her - but to use it as a testimony for how her life was saved and a reminder of all of the people who prayed for her healing. Her badge of courage, if you will.

I'll admit that sometimes it's still a little shocking to me - half of the time I go to change her and I forget that it's there - and then I am brought back to the memories of that day. But it's a part of her, and I love every inch of it and what it represents.

So every couple of months, I'll post a new picture of it so we can see how it changes. I was absolutely blown away and brought to tears when I saw the PERFECT healing of Quinn's boyfriend Field's scar. It's just this tiny, perfect, white line. When I saw it, I was just overcome with joy knowing that just 10 months ago, he had a similar looking scar as Quinn's. The other amazing thing is that the doctors don't even recommend any special lotions, vitamin E or anything like that to help it heal. Their skin is has so much elasticity and is so youthful that it will just heal up perfectly on it's own.

So here's what it looked like just a couple of days ago. I am sure she will just LOVE me in about 15 years for posting a diaper pic.

Far away look. Quinn was posing on the floor. Nice.

Close up. The 3 larger circle marks are from the chest tubes. There is also a small one on her side from where they had to go in secondarily to drain the pocket of effusion. Apparently, even these large marks will turn into almost dimples on her tummy and the thickness of the red scar will fade to a thin, white-ish line.

And because it's only fair - here's Ryan's diaper pic. Notice his belly button. It's a lovely herniated one. That will be our next surgery - springtime. We need to recover from this excitement first.

I haven't taken many pictures lately. So bad of me! But I did bust Ryan playing with Q's jewelery box this morning. Gotcha, Big Guy!

But Quinn got it back :)

Speaking of Field - here is the best picture I got of the two of them. Let's just say it was a challenging photo shoot. Not the most lady-like picture of Quinn showing her bloomies.

Trying to corral the babies and get at least one. No luck.

And we tried again - still no luck! But Lisa looks beautiful. LOVED meeting this sweet girl and her precious miracle.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


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Lisa Johnson said...

SO SWEET! Loved meeting YOU and your precious babies! I still can't get over what a beautiful family you are - inside and out. Thanks for letting us visit! XOXO