CHD Awareness Week & Guest Post at Houston Mom's Blog

In honor of Congenital Heart Awareness Week (Feb. 7th - 14th), I am over at the Houston Mom's Blog recounting our story of Quinn's heart journey. What a difficult, blessed, heart-wrenching, and amazing roller coaster it has been. I hope you'll pop over and read our story - and some other incredible stories up on their blog today! Thank you, Houston Mom's blog, for taking a day to tell the stories of our children. Happy Heart Week!

Click here for the post.


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Matthew said...

Thanks for sharing Quinn's journey with the world. I am so thankful for her strength and unique personality - only she will be able to tell the story any better. I am thankful for how she has responded to all of her appointments, and how well you have continued to be a huge CHD awareness advocate. And congrats on joining the Houston Moms Blog team! Love you babe (MC)