As long as I can remember, I have been completely unbalanced.

Meaning I go at 100mph for some things and die at 0mph for others. A plus for those things I work on at 100mph... and well, the 0 mph things - you'll find me sleeping soundly (cheesy Lifetime movie in the background) without a care in the world.

I am the Queen of an unbalanced lifestyle.

From birth.

I went from creeping to walking at 9 months old. Just completely skipped crawling. And not just walking - we will call it a full-ahead sprint - usually ended by my careening into the coffee table and bouncing off.

The way I guess I looked at it as a baby, I would so much rather skip the stages - and go right to the cool stuff.

Which pretty much defines me.

Not much patience for the little details.

I sink myself into whatever the project is of the moment and completely immerse myself in it. Won't let go of it until it is finished and absolutely perfect (or so I think).



Most likely... insanity

Few examples:

1. In soccer growing up - I was not happy until I was at the front of the 2 mile run - not for pride or anything like that, but I figured if I was going to be there, I might as well go full out. That carried with me for the rest of the years of my competitive playing.

2. High School - studying for tests that made no sense to me (calculus,physics, etc) --- my brain doesn't work that way, but I was determined to get it down. Repeated, wrote, re-wrote formulas everywhere. Studied until all hours of the night until I was sure I had it. The 'rents would beg for me to go to sleep. I had the only parents who had to tell their kid to quit studying already.

Don't remember a darn thing now though.

3. Everyday life- My life consists of these main ingredients: God, work, husband, work, house, work, work, work-out, etc. I even eat the same unbalanced meals for breakfast and lunch every.single.day. Turkey sandwich and cheetos (baked, of course) with a diet coke.

I know. It's gross to some of you to even think of eating a sandwich for breakfast (that doesn't have breakfast sausage or something on it) but considering that I am allergic to eggs, lactose intolerant and some other less flattering things, breakfast is a tough meal for me. But I have eaten that little combo, every day, oh for a good 6 months now.


I need some hobbies. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I don't have a stellar resume for hobbies:

1. I kill plants. Quickly. And I don't like to water.

2. I played co-ed soccer for 2 semesters when I was 27. Way too old. Spent a combo of 2 nights in the hospital, so that's not gonna work.

3. I.AM.NOT.CRAFTY. - I used to pretend when I was little , always asking for the neatest and most up to date craft kits, making pot holders, etch -a-sketch, spin art, tie-dyed, paper mache... but alas, not for me. My idea of crafty is running into Target, grabbing a bag, a cute tag, perhaps a ribbon and oh, gosh - we have ourselves homemade gift wrap. (I know about 3 of my followers just had a hernia reading that.)

So I am open to suggstions --- given the uncertainity of the next few months, I can't so much be tied down but need something to entertain myself.

Proof point: I went to the gym like a PSYCHO 8 DAYS IN A ROW. AND ran something like 30 miles total. Today was my first day off.

See, that's me in a nutshell. Go all the way or don't go at all.

I need balance!!!! HELP!!

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L said...

Knitting. I know you are screaming at the screen, "Didn't that idiot read #3 above?" But hear me out.

I think we may be similar in the ways that you've described here. I do not like to be idle. I have manic energy. So when I was in law school I reigned in my manic energy with knitting as a break from the stress.

Knitting, while a craft, is very right brain. It's mechanical and logical - though there is plenty of room for creativity. It's portable, and it has little initial investment.

I derive extreme comfort in the act of knitting. When I'm stressed, excited, nervous, bored, etc. It's something productive to do in front of the tv. I started knitting mostly for charity - hats for preemies in the NICU where my sister is a nurse.

It's not as difficult as people think it is - it's just a few basic concepts to master. I taught myself. If you go to a reputable yarn/knitting store they can probably hook you up with lessons if you buy your supplies from them.

I have a couple of friends who waived their "I'm Not Crafty" cards, but took to knitting quickly.

H said...

Ok, I want you to back away from Rachael Ray for a minute, and check this out: http://smittenkitchen.com/

Really good stuff, and a good way to focus your energies!

Also, I know you like to read: try "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. It's a doozy

Lisa said...

Your funny. At least you do a lot things will all your heart and not do everything half way.

I think most people are this way... myself included. Its all about finding what you are good at and really excel at those.

Also, I think our hobbies change over time. Maybe right now shopping is your hobbie :)

For me I am loving sewing right now, but I'm sure in 2 weeks that will change!

Eugenie Anderson said...

You know that ol' saying...'someimes it's hard to find the forest through the tree'...well I think that may be the case here! You love blogging...you love writing...you love reading----it may just be the right time to start writing The Great American Novel! And, then in between chapters...you can always take a break and 'knit two--pearl one"!