Ryan & Quinn are 3 months old!

Ryan & Quinn - you are 3 months old! (Well, actually you are a little older than that right now because Mommy is slightly behind on her updates - shame on Mommy)

Your Daddy & I can't believe it has been 3 months since you came into this world. And yet, we can't really remember you not being a part of our family. We love you both so much and feel so blessed that God chose us to be your parents. Be patient with us, we are still learning about this parenting thing and we have made many mistakes along the way. But hopefully we are getting some of this right. Thank you for loving us.

Ryan - What You Are Up to at 3 Months Old!

You are (were) 11lbs 6oz -- our big boy! You are such a good eater and take anywhere between 4 and 6 ounces depending upon your mood. You now rank in the 12th and 15th percentile for weight and length respectively - but Dr. B is positive you will catch up even further in just a few months.

You are now wearing all 3 month clothing! Yikes! Mommy cleaned out all of your newborn stuff the other day and perhaps even shed a tear (or 5).

You are a great sleeper! Shortly after your 3 month birthday, you slept through the night! And now, you have consistently slept from 8pm to 7am for the last 5 days! Thank you, son :) You are also a great napper - you always take 3 naps a day, usually for about 1-2 hours. We tease you and say that you have narcolepsy (and yes, I looked that up to confirm spelling) because you will just fall asleep anywhere and anytime.

You are getting really good at tummy time and you love it. You are going to roll over any day, I just know it!

Your "tooth" we thought you had --- well, it wasn't one. It was a gum cyst. Who would have guessed --- guess we have a few more months for that!

You are a great self soother. You will lay in your crib and just suck on your hand until we come get you. My little patient man!

You smile a lot now! And you pretty much are giggling which is the most precious thing ever.

You love to swing & play in your bouncy seat. But you always turn your head to one side (over your left shoulder) and pay little attention to what's happening on the right side. We have to force you to look the other way sometimes.

You LOVE TV - especially football. Ooops :)

Quinn - What You Are Up to at 3 Months Old:

You are (were) 9lbs 6oz! Wow, little girl - you have grown soooo much. You have chub everywhere and I love it :) You have come a long way from 3lbs 13oz --- and the 3lbs 4oz that you got down to. Good job, Quinnie.

You are mostly wearing all 3 month stuff but can still squeeze into some newborns. Your 3 month clothing is pretty big, but it's so precious, I can't help but put it on you. I love to accessorize your outfits and you pretty much wear a bow everyday whether we are going somewhere or not. I think you actually like the bows (at least that's what I tell myself!)

You are almost sleeping through the night! Just like your brother, you slept all night shortly after your 3 month birthday. However, now most nights you wake up at 5am. But still, that's a wonderful improvement from 1am :) Thank you, sweet girl!

You are not a huge fan of naptime. You love your "baby TV" in your crib, but heaven forbid if it times out and turns off. However, sometimes you are just so exhausted you will sleep for a good 2 hours when I least expect it. I think most of the time you just don't want to miss a thing that's happening.

You are so amazingly alert. You love to see everything, touch everything, move around. I think because you spent so long in the NICU, you are trying to play catch up. You are easily bored and I have you on a constant rotation from bouncy to playmat to swing to Mommy's arms. I love your spirit and that you just want to soak it all in.

You have gotten so good at smiling and cooing this month. You melt your Daddy's heart when you give him a big gummy smile and a laugh. He can't resist you.

You really are looking so much healthier now --- you have started to really fill out & your color looks great. However, your eyelids are getting blue now when you feed, but we know that's because your heart is working overtime to operate that sweet, petite body. Surgery is coming unfortunately in the next 2-4 weeks, but we trust that you will feel sooooo much better after this is all finished and over. You have been an AMAZING trooper through all of your tests and dr visits. Honestly, you have done 100 times better than your mommy. We are so proud of you.

Ryan & Quinn, you are the most blessed gifts your Daddy and I could ever have. We love you so much.

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