R&Q's "Coming Out" in the RR

Our other main reason for going to Austin this past weekend other than the Fraser's Friends Fundraiser was to attend Ryan, Quinn, and their cousin Ady's "coming out" party in the RR. Matt's mom was so thoughtful  to put this together for all of us and it was such a blast to see everyone. Many of them we had not seen since Matt's Dad's funeral, so needless to say it was wonderful to see them under happier circumstances. David must have been smiling down that day because the weather could not have been more perfect and the turn out was great. 

We decided to dress the cousins in matching outfits in hopes of getting some family pictures. Well, we definitely took lots of pictures, but of course as these things go, we didn't get ONE picture of all of the siblings, aunts, cousins, etc. Oh, well. We'll try next time. In the meantime, I had Quinn and Ady in matching outfits down to the bow (they are only 3 months apart) --- and they looked more like twins than R&Q do! ha. More than once during the party, I would walk past Ady and go, "Hi, Quinnie!" --- ooops, not my child.

Anyway, it was such a fun day and the babies really enjoyed meeting their extended RR family. Thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful time! Here (of course) are a few pics. I will try to whittle it down. The bad thing about our new camera is you can take pictures so quickly that I end up with hundreds to edit. And then I have a hard time deleting and picking my favorites. So I'll do my best on here considering I think I uploaded about 100 pictures to facebook yesterday. I am pretty sure more people are going to delete me as a friend today, or at least hide my posts :)

Quinn with Uncle Zebbie

Ryan and Matt's Aunt Janet

Mrs. Beard getting into the action

Quinn was not so sure of the swing. It kept her too contained.

Ummmm, enough?

Ryan and Zebbie

Aunt Emmy and Quinn

Great Grandma with Quinn

The obligatory snuggle picture from Ryan

Still for a moment

Naked babies

All these clothes and she is happiest with a diaper

Just being silly

Aunt Emmy with Ady & Ryan

Happy Ryan

No these aren't my twins - that would be Ady

Cousin Riley - who is the best with the babies!


See! She's soooo good with them

Pretty Ady

Ron and Quinn

Not sure what Ryan is doing in this picture - too loud?

The Lott's with the twins - lifelong friends of Matt's family

Some of the crew

More of the crew

He actually wasn't even sleeping in this picture. He was playing dead.

Quinn, of course, never stopped

Ma with the babies

Three out of four cousins. Where is Ady?

Family pic

Riley and her YaYa

Mommy and Ryno

She's such a sweet girl.

Whew - how are we still standing? So much excitement!

Such a fun weekend! Thanks, everyone!

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The Wests said...

Oh too fun! I miss all those Round Rock folks. The twins are growing up so quickly!!