Easter Weekend - Part 2

After a late night (in terms of what "late  night" means to us now, which is like anything past 10PM) at Uncle B's & Aunt C's --- and a fantastic night sleep for all involved --- we headed to the RR to Ma's house. Ma was SUPER EXCITED about planning an awesome egg hunt for all of the grandchildren, plus Uncle Zeb's nephew & niece. And Ma completely outdid herself. She had tons of eggs scattered around the yard filled with yummy treats for the kids (animal crackers, teddy grahams, etc). Since the babies weren't exactly walking last year, this was their first year to hunt eggs. And Aunt Christina totally hooked them up with Elmo Easter baskets which were a huge hit.

I was so excited to see how the kids would react to the idea of the egg hunt. I correctly predicted that Quinn would take it VERY seriously. That girl was all business and picked it right up. Ryan took a little prodding and then eventually got into it. And then (as predicted again), he just decided to take a break in the middle of the action and was content with just rifling through his basket. That's my boy : )

After the kids finished the egg hunt, they did all sorts of fun activities in Ma's yard - swinging, sliding, playing with the water and sand table and in general, just having a ball. All in their skivvies, or diapers as it may be. Then we tried to settle them down for a picnic lunch outside but there was way too much excitement to actually eat. But the picture of them dining in diapers is pretty precious.

Because we had such a long week, my back was killing me, and we had to be back in Houston for Easter services at our church on Sunday, we hit the road pretty early. With the hope and prayer that the babies would crash and sleep door to door. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when they passed out before we could even get on the tollway out of town. However, that was blown about an hour later when someone (I won't say who) woke up screaming bloody murder. And didn't really stop for the rest of the trip. Nothing like a screaming toddler in a contained, moving vehicle to grate on your nerves. Sure was glad to get home and pour a large glass of vino to recover.

Here are a few pictures from Ma's house. Ma, thanks so much for everything you did - next time we will stay longer, I promise. We love you!

Q getting ready

Ryan scouting it out

Excited with bunny ears!

My beautiful and incredibly sweet niece, Riley

Cousin Ady - wearing the same dress Riley wore about 5 years ago : )

When brother gives up, you just take his basket
Get that one, Q!

Did I drop one?

Daddy coaching Ryan on this egg hunting thing

Ok, time for a break

Quinn's first capri sun. She loved it.

Naked picnic! This just makes me smile : )

Quinn at her naked picnic. I made this extra large so you can see her scar --- or maybe not! It has faded sooooooo much!

Ry Guy and Aunt Emmy. No one can make Ryan squeal and laugh like Em.
Drinking from the water table - yum?

Or maybe not?

Loving the swing

At the water table

Getting in the sandbox

 The next morning, we yet again loaded up and put the babies in their freshly washed Easter outfits and headed to our church Easter service. It was a wonderful service and great message --- and then of course, the traditional egg hunt afterwards. This time, we were a little slow getting out to the action (even though the toddlers were separated from the big kids), so there weren't a lot of eggs to be had. But they managed to grab a few and got a few "donations" from some other super sweet kids.

And yet again, for the 2nd Easter in a row, we also managed to take not ONE family picture. It seems the only pictures we get these days are just of the kids, and maybe one parent. But even that's rare. We just get so busy chasing them we forget until later. Ughhh. That's why I make sure we get professional pictures at least once a year so the kids will know we were around : )

Hope you all enjoyed a very blessed and Happy Easter. He is Risen!

In Him,


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Eugenie Anderson said...

"When brother gives up, you just take his basket" I am still laughing thinking about that statement! Too Funny...love the pictures!