Help. Serious help.


Seriously. I need help.

I'm really not sure this is the type of thing to post on facebook. Or blogger for that matter.

But desperate times.

I've searched the interwebs and I've seen a lot of "wait it out" type responses.

Here is the deal.

Q started a new thing this weekend.

She started screaming "poo-poo", "poo-poo", "poo-poo" over and over again. Then she would scream when we came near her to check.

Then she started running and getting a diaper.

Mind you, she did not have poo-poo.

Not yet.

She cried, begged, pleaded to be changed.

So we changed her diaper.

No less than 5 minutes later.

Yup, there was poo poo.

In the fresh diaper.

After finally catching on (we are pretty astute around here), we started trying to get her to go on the potty.

Which she usually loves and has been successful with #1 several times.

She threw a flying fit.

So the only solution to get her to stop screaming is to put on a fresh diaper and that's the only way she will go #2.

I realize this is probably my most disgusting post ever but I am trying to nip this in the bud before it becomes a real issue. A lot of the posts I was reading say it led to a lot of problems with ummmm.... the big c. Constipation.

Seriously, am I typing this???

If anyone has any tips or thoughts or encouragement, PUH LEAZE comment and let me know. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

From a mommy that would prefer to keep her mental faculties in check,

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

Oh man does this hit home!!! We started potty training mia at 27 months (that is 2 yrs and 3 mod), which means cate was 3 months and immobile thankfully but still ever so exhausting. We did the 3 day potty training method, which I highly recommend. I have it in an e-link if you want me to message it to you. Sadly Mia caught on to the pee pee deal pretty quick.. those fisher price pottys are a God send .. the big pottys are scary for them at first. Every single person.. I repeat every single person will have a different variation or version of what worked for them, but you HAVE to pick a course of action of what yall are going to do as parents and stay consistent from the get go. You have to go full bore potty training if you start it.. you can't half a! it, so just decide when yall are ready to start and then Go! We did the 3 day method, and although it takes longer than 3 days, it was brilliant and it was the plan that inevitably was best for us. You have to get rid of all diapers. Period! Once you start p.training that is. If you have any other specifics, just facebook msg me. Mia wore a pull up at nap and at night though... that was my variation to the 3 day method. But we did throw out every single diapers (even the spares I had in diaper bag) :)

Lisa said...

I agree with Ashley! Sounds like missy is ready to potty train. I did the cold turkey method pretty much... we talked it up and one day we were in panties! Now that I've trained 2 it was a little different both times, but worked well for us. Find 3 days - maybe like a Friday, Saturday or Sunday or whatever where you are home most of that time and can litterally go to the potty every 20 minutes... or call your friend Lisa and tell her how much you love/hate/etc potty training. Honestly I love it! I'm dying to train Layla but 18 months seems a bit shy to me :) But just after she turns 2 we are going for it. just for a reference... Grace was trained at 27 months and Emma at 25 (she wanted to be like sister!!). And about the poop in a fresh diaper... pooping on the potty is tough. Some get it first other insist on a diaper or pull up... its only a phase and soon enough she will doing that in the potty too. :)

Cheryl Enlow said...

Well, sounds like you and I are in the same boat. If you find the cure please, please, im begging, let me know :)