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I've seen a little bit about this going on in the bloggy world and it just spoke to me. I'm not so much a resolution girl. I like to make plans and follow through but I don't particularly care for setting myself up for potential failure. And it's bound to happen if I put down a well-meaning list of goals. Rules (like our house rules) are one thing; promising to drive thru Sonic less and run more (or at all) is another.

So I like the idea of one word to define my year and my attitude.

I have to admit I sat down and had to really think about this one.

If you know me (or have read this blog for any time at all), you know that one word is VERY difficult to me. Hell, one paragraph is difficult for me. When I get word limits for my magazine assignments, it almost causes me to break out into a sweat because how can they tell me to write only 1,000 words when the article NEEDS at least 1,200. Well, it may not need 1,200 but I don't edit myself well. I guess that's probably why I don't make the big bucks. 

Anyway, yes, the one word - see what I'm talking about? Already off on a tangent.

Word for the year: 


When I think of what's coming down the pike this year - the birthdays, the birth day of some special babies, the celebrations of marriage, and who knows what else, I just want to cherish.

More days that I care to admit, I run through the motions, just trying to survive, get the job(s) done, take care of the kids, get dinner on the table, and make it to dinner without my face falling flat on the table. I want to be more PRESENT and CHERISH every.single.moment. (except if we have a repeat of stomach bug 2012 in which case I will skip the cherish part). 

My biggest fear is that I will look back on these years of being home with the kids and regret that I didn't live more in the moment. I live and die by my planner and in many cases, that is my sanity, but I also want to take some time to just roll with life. Take up friends on those last minute dinner plans or playdates. Run down the street in the rain just because we can. Strip down the kids and paint really messy things because screw the clean up. Know what I mean? Cherish these innocent moments. In 2 1/2 years my kids will start school. If those 2 1/2 years fly by like these, then I will blink and it'll be here.

So cheers to cherish. Every single day.

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