Yes. It really is this hard.

Let's not sugarcoat it.
3 is hard.
Toddler is hard.
There are some amazing moments --- a lot of them actually. But there's a whole lotta hard mixed in there.

I have a kid.
For almost 2 7/8 of her life, she slept without complaint. Anywhere, anytime.
Gigi bragged about it.
I felt really good about myself.
Darn, I am good.

Then hit potty training. Whoa, whole new beast

She's doing amazing. A couple of accidents but otherwise we are good.

Sleep has gone by the wayside.

And the irony of it is that the child still needs sleep. I see it in her eyes.
(My mom told me that for years and it used to annoy me to no end. Generational annoyance continues)

Yes, yes, developmental changes. I know this. I have googled it. Over and over and over.

Ryan continues to sleep happily and anytime we ask. Mostly. Unless he is missing one of his 8 bazillion toys that I impale myself on when I try to tuck him in. 

(*author's note; since I wrote this, R is potty training. I am again going granola and letting him figure it out himself. So unlike my personality but it's working. 4 days ago he screamed emphatically "NO POTTY" and now he has just decided it's cool. Or the M&M's are cool. Either way. Big boy pants and no looking back)

Soooo, hello summer.

Very little schedule. No preschool until September. Swim classes full until late July.

So what do we do?

Fill our days with swimming play dates. 

We alternate - because, you know, sometimes Mommy actually needs to work or grocery shop. 

My goal each day is to wear them down. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. 

And I say again, is there anything worse than a child that so desperately needs a nap and won't take one?

(Or a Momma for that matter - needs a nap but can't get one???)

We live in Houston. 

Which means our "outdoors" activities (free) are limited to certain hours or quick stretches of time.

The indoor activities, with blessed air conditioner --- well, you have to pay for that. And then it usually costs you $14.97 at Chick Fil A on the way home.

Still trying to figure this all out. How to survive summer.

I know this. We had 5 swim dates in 8 days. Kids non-withstanding, the adults are tired. 

I feel badly. Work is slow right now so I have time to "take them to the pool". But it's not as glorious as it sounds. I am on hyper-vigilance so no one drowns, burns, or starves. And ironically, I usually am the one who ends up burning or starving. And have we mentioned that I have a heat/sun allergy? So I look AWESOME once those hives come out. But don't worry - a good dose of Benadryl at nighttime and I almost look normal again. Which doesn't speak highly of my energy level the next day. 

And so the cycle continues. It will get better. This I know.

Summer rants.

But there have been some awesome moments ---- and to see the kids enjoying their friends, the water, the relaxation, and the relaxed schedule - well darn it, don't you wish you were 3 again??? I just wish they understood the beauty of climbing into cool, clean sheets with cool, clean clothes after a 2 1/2 jaunt in the pool and sun. 

That's just a good life.

But dang it, they are cute.

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