Back to School - PreK 3's

Finally. Finally, sweet J, preschool is back in session. The kids started last week back at GFUMC in Ms. Carol and Ms. Lori's class. So far, so good. I will say that it is more "business" than Pre2s but that's to be expected. I think they are going to learn so much and they LOVE going which makes my heart so happy. They run into the class like they own the place and barely have a second glace back towards me. If I'm going to get kisses, I darned sure better get them in the parking lot :)

Here are a few pics from their first day. No sign, no chalkboard, and I couldn't even get them to smile at the same time. Oh well - this is our life & the way we roll :)

Q was happy & relaxed. This was right before she flashed the neighborhood to show off her new Minnie panties. Oh, this one is a TRIP.

Hugging :)

Bashful all of a sudden??

My dapper dude. I just adore him.


They both insisted carrying their new backpacks all the way in. It was pretty adorable. As was their reaction when they got their backpacks --- they freaked. And it was pretty fun to give them something useful that they love. 
 And then school ended - no naps for either & after a quick trip up to the Mansion to see Uncle Meetch & friends, they were DONE. I think they watched 3 episodes of Mickey. Not something that I like to see happen often but I felt it was well deserved. And Daddy saved me by coming home early to rescue me from the ensuing melee.

All in all, they had 3 great days - no complaints here! 2 days to 3 days this year is a big jump, especially for my kiddos who still like their 2-3 hour naps five of the seven days out of the week :) But we will adjust. I'm so excited to see how they grow this year. When asked what expectations I had for them, I can honestly say I just want them to continue to love school, love books, and love their friends. I think that would make it an exceptional year in my book.

R&Q - we are SOOOO proud of you. We love how fearless you both are, your social skills, and your zest to learn new things --- and then tell us about them :) We pray you have the most wonderful and happy year!

In Him,
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Kelly said...

Hi! Stopping by from Kelly's Korner! Your littles are so cute! I am a mom of b/g twins. They will be 3 in January!