Better Late than Never... Proud to be a Mean Mommy

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post on "I'm proud to be a Mean Mommy" for Houston Moms Blog. While a few didn't exactly catch the tongue in cheek reference, I'm still a proud "mean mom" ;) Most days. 

A quick excerpt: 
"As a WAHM/SAHMmom, I am responsible for much of the weekday discipline. Clearly, it’s not my favorite – but I so strongly feel it’s a huge part of my job as a parent. I am 100% all about the wonderment of childhood, those magical moments where you can’t believe this is actually your life, and their absolute joy to show me their newest creations. But in between those incredibly rewarding times, I also have high expectations for my children. I am grooming them to be responsible, confident, and loving adults one day. Preferably productive members of society that can function outside the confines of our home. Gulp. And they aren’t going to achieve that if I am constantly permissive and passive in my discipline."
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April Lynn said...

that post is how I found your blog. I'm in Houston too. I loved it. I'm a mean mom too ;) My Husband works a ton. I have to be.