Closing the Door :: The Mourning of No More Children

I'm over at Houston Moms Blog talking about the myriad of emotions that comes with closing the door to having more kiddos. It was probably one of my most transparent and honest posts to date --- and thus I was extremely nervous to put all of that out there. But people could not have been more kind with their comments and so many people related to those emotions. What a relief and a big "whew"! It's always great to know you aren't alone in the crazy :) Here's a little excerpt::

My child-bearing years are over.
It has taken me months to begin to process this realization. Longer than that to even write about it. If I ramble, forgive.
Right before the twins turned three, the blanket of exhaustion fog began to lift, and I saw we could actually do life – like go places {happily}, do normal things like hit up the grocery, and be on our own for extended periods of time. And in that moment, it also brought the question of “Well, one more?
And I thought through that. Like all the time. And came to the conclusion that these two sweet ones were enough for me.
Thank y'all for reading!!! It means so much.

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April Lynn | Our Little Loves said...

Read it yesterday. loved it. I feel the same.