Family Pictures 2014

Per usual we took our annual family pictures this past December. I am convinced that if I didn't force these upon the family that I would rarely appear in a picture with my kids :) That said, it's not exactly my favorite thing to do --- I completely overthink, overdress, and overstress. But I am always thrilled when I get the images back and then thank God that I don't have to do it again for 364 more days. Ha! 

But if I am going to do pictures, it's a huge treat to have Kendra take them. Sadly she moved away this past May and I have missed her so much. But when she posted the two dates she would be back this year to take photos in Houston, I jumped on it. Literally - like in 2 minutes. Even if it was a brief time, it was SO good to see my sweet friend again. She loves my kids so much and they love "Aunt Kendra" too! Kendra, I love you and thank you for capturing literally thousands of images over the past 4 1/2 years. It's an incredible gift to us, just as you are to me. {To see Kendra's post & a sweet message today click here}

Here are a "few" of my favorite (hey, she sent me 100, it's hard to whittle it down!!!)

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