The Big Reveal...

Well, we just couldn't stand it ---- so we peeked today!

Our little M&M's are now a little blue one and a little pink one!

Honestly, it's more than I could have hoped for. I never completely wished out loud for one of each because we all know that God likes to keep us on our toes --- but secretly, it's what I dreamed of. We are just beside ourselves. Matt was able to come with me to the appointment and it was so cool just to see his face as he heard the babies' heartbeats (he hadn't yet heard them before). The babies were very active this morning and had no trouble getting into the right position for us to see the goods (or lack thereof, as appropriate for our baby girl).

Obviously the best news is that both of them look incredibly healthy, both great heartbeats, good blood flow, and all that awesome stuff. Praise God for that!

The only scary moment, at least for me, was almost fainting during the ultrasound. A bad combo of laying on my back for too long with a full bladder and 2 babies put some unnecessary pressure on my interior vena cava which in turn caused me to almost pass out right smack in the middle of it. They quickly turned me to my left side to let the blood flow get going again and I was much better after about 5 minutes. But man, that was scary -- everything just started to go grey and I could hear people talking but it seemed really far away. No fun -- so all you pregger people, make sure you lay on your left side as much as possible - I always knew to do that when sleeping but never thought of anything happening during an ultra sound.

For those who are wondering - Baby B is the little girl and Baby A is the little boy. Our little boy is measuring smaller than the girl by about a week, but is still right on track with being normal. Apparently, since the little girl is sitting pretty much directly on top of him, he's always going to be a bit smaller. And our a little girl is already quite the overachiever since she's measuring at 18 weeks instead of 17.

This would be a good time to note: Pregnancy brain is still in full force. Even though I labeled the previous post 18 weeks, I actually am only 17 weeks. And apparently, I am an idiot. I had to look back in my email and see how many weeks along my last "What to Expect" email said that I was. How sad is that?!?!

Anyway, I'll try to get some baby pics up here soon for all of the grandmas. Thank you for your continued prayers and blessings of health on our babies. Right now, we are just floating somewhere between Cloud 9 and Cloud 10.

In Him,

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Johnson Family said...

How exciting!!! So thrilled for you to be able to experience being parents to both a boy and a girl. What blessings!

Michele said...

Wonderful! So glad everything is looking to great! Congrats!

Lisa said...

I think I'm on cloud 9 too for you guys! So excited!! I can't wait to hold thos little babies ... I don't think I've ever held two babies at once. So fu!!

suzie said...

Meg - Sooooo happy for you!!!!! God is good, isn't He!


Hope said...

YEAH!!!! A boy and a girl!!! What a wonderful thing :)

Amy said...

How amazingly PERFECT is God's plan?!?!!! So very exciting, congratulations! And pictures for grandmas AND friends!!!