I'm Back!

Well, we are still alive over here! Bad blogger, bad blogger.

What can I say? When I am less busy, I find myself much less productive and much more willing to devote countless hours to mindless television and people.com reading. Which is sort of counterintuitive - because you would think the more time I have on my hands, the more likely I would be to do the things I enjoy. But not so much. My brain has been mush lately. Be glad, I was just trying to protect you from my ramblings.

Anyway - we have had quite the time the last few weeks. Last week, I ended up in Labor & Delivery for a little monitoring to make sure I wasn't contracting (I wasn't but my dr was worried about my cervix). That was a fun way to spend my 30th birthday. And it was enough to scare the crap out of me and to make sure I got in some quality bed rest time. And thanks to a viscious cold that lingered for 6 days, I pretty much was in bed the majority of the time.

And it paid off - today I had my first appointment with my high-risk OB and it was GREAT. First appointment I've had in awhile that actually left me feeling confident and happy. The babies look awesome and are measuring wonderfully. Quinn is 2lbs 11oz and Ryan is 2lbs 8oz. Dr. K was very pleased with their size and how everything looked. And my cervix is back to normal! He also said he didn't see any reason why we couldn't carry these babies for another 2 months which was music to my ears. No one has expressed that vote of confidence to me and boy, it makes a world of difference for my mental health.

So all is good in the Clanahan world and we are looking forward to a busy weekend - we have our first 2 birthing classes this Saturday & Sunday. Seriously? 12 hours of instruction? Maybe I am naive, but I sorta thought I could comp out for watching Baby Story re-runs. Doesn't that teach me everything I need to know?

Honestly, all I want them to tell me is one thing: When do I get my epidural?

And when do I get to see these little precious M&Ms? :)

Ryan - 28 weeks (above)

Quinn - 28 weeks

Happy Weekend, y'all!


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Amy said...

Yes, bad blogger! I look way too forwaed to your blogs for you to take such a hiatus!

Thank you for the pics and update! Quinn & Ryan are beautiful! Here's to AT LEAST eight more weeks!