Oh, my poor husband!

So last night I was telling my husband about our friends who have twins --- and how exciting it was that they got to sleep through the night. A full 8 hours! I was really happy for K&J and found it very encouraging news - that yes, twins too, can be put on a schedule and actually sleep.

A funny look came over my husband's face.

"How old are they?", he asked.

I replied that I thought they were around 9 or 10 weeks old.

In an incredulous voice (and probably just a scotch higher than his normal Matt voice), he said, "And they are just NOW sleeping through the night??!!??"


How I just laughed at him.

What did you expect? A full night of sleep at 2 weeks old?

And my, oh my. How I will probably not be laughing in just a few short weeks.

But honestly, at this point, anything longer than a 2 hour stretch sounds amazing to me.

Sleep, which has been hard to come by, most of my pregnancy, is now virtually non-existent.

The babies are all up in my ribs and most likely interfering with my breathing, so even laying on my side makes me feel like I am slowly suffocating to death.

It's going to be a looongg 7 or 8 more weeks --- that's right, I am 30 weeks today!!!

But I know it's all worth it for my little M&M's. :)

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Amy said...

Oh Matt.... Oh honey! I can't imagine what two must be like. All I remember is the exhaustion being physically painful. And yes, Meg, right about now people start saying "sleep now while you can!" I remember being like SHUT UP BECAUSE I CAN'T SLEEP NOW! It always burned me up when people said that to me! When those babies get here and you're about to cry you're so tired, keep telling yourself that you will survive it! Because you will. In the grand scheme of things it's a very short time 2-3 months. As an old friend of mine used to say, "you can fight a bear for that long."

eugenie Anderson said...

Oh sweetie...you do need sleep now...'cause I just read your post and you said "The babies are all up in my ribs and most likely interfering with my baby" something about that sentence I dont' get..or perhaps I need some sleep and will reread it in the morning!
I acutally fell to sleep tonight watching "Crazy Hearts"so I will have to play the rerun of it in the a.m, too!

Love you...just pile up a bunch of pillows and lay back this is the best sleep you'll have for a long time.
I love you! Mom

Ellie said...

Oh wow! You guys will be very very fortunate to have both of your babies sleeping a full 8 hours at 9 weeks........my little girl did that and I was so happy, and thought I was in the clear....then she started teething and waking up again....but no worries...IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!!!

Lisa said...

9 weeks - that is AWESOME!! Just a little news flash for Matt - Grace didn't sleep through the night till 8 months, thankfully Emma slept through the night at 9-10 weeks. I think once they are close to 10lbs its easier for them to sleep longer... that said Grace was 10lbs at like 10 weeks :)

Don't worry about the sleep b/c you will be tired but somehow you manage to get through it! Just think you could have triplets :)

Kami said...

Honey, a word of warning. Not to scare you, but to prepare you. The first few weeks are horrendous!!! Absolute nightmare. It WILL pass. It WILL get better and it won't last long. (Even though it does feel like it will never end) You can expect the babes to sleep anywhere between 1.5 hours to 3 hours the first few weeks. My girls started sleeping longer stretches at 7 weeks. They are still getting up once a night and they are 13 weeks old. It does get better, I promise you. Please pass that along to your hubby too.


SarahZim said...

Hi - My oldest didn't sleep until 10 months. I got off easy with Z and he started at 6.5 :)