Quickie Update

Just a quick M&M update. Looks like they won't be making their appearance anytime soon! (Well, soon being a relative term, meaning not this weekend!) We had our 35 week appt today and everything was great. The babies actually picked up quite a bit of weight in the past week. Ryan was measuring right at 4lbs 14oz and Quinn was at 4lbs 9 oz. Quite a change from their 4lbs 2oz and 4lbs even, respectively, that there were last Thursday! And believe me, I feel every last ounce :) Or my back does at least.

So because their growth increase was so good, they weren't in danger of falling below that 10th percentile mark yet. All the fluid around them looks fine & they seem to be really cozy in there -- so we'll hang on for at least another week! I go back next Thursday to check things out.

Little Miss Quinn (who is becoming quite the princess) has flipped once again and is now transverse breech. Butt first. Awesome. Looks like a c-section may be the way we are heading.

To be honest, I wouldn't complain too much about that -- after worrying incessantly about her for the last 12 weeks or so, I will just be eager to get her into this world quickly and into the hands of the people who can help her. But whatever the doctor decides is best for them will work for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for 94-95 degree temps here in H-town, I'll be camping out in front of the AC vent all weekend with a Sonic slush. Oh, the excitement!

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