R&Q Turn 2 Months (Aug. 3rd, 2010)

Playtime & cuddle cuddle

Someone was not a fan of the 2 month picture!!!

Ryan, you are 2 months old! This is what you have been up to:

You wear size 1 diapers now and weigh about 9lbs 13oz! Wow!

You can still fit in some newborn clothes but most of your onesies and sleepers are getting skin tight. Not a good look for you. I finally broke down and put you in a 3 month sleeper the other night and you looked precious in it. But it hurt Mommy's heart a little to see you growing so fast!

You eat about 4oz each feed. We are about to have to move you up to the "big boy" bottles.

You are still eating every 3 hours during the day, but are stretching about 5 hours between feeds at night. I think we are getting closer and closer to you sleeping through the night. Maybe a few more weeks.

You wake up just like your daddy -- lovable and in a great mood. You usually will stir around in your crib for a good 10-15 minutes to let me know you are ready to get up - but you won't cry. Unless I let you go longer than that 15 minutes and then you are MAD.

You go right back to sleep after your first morning feed. You actually are a really good day sleeper and once you are done "playing", you fall right back asleep.

You are starting to nap in your crib for both your morning and afternoon naps. I think it's more comfortable for both of us!

You love to be on your tummy. We put you on your playmat for tummy time after almost every feed and let you go at it. You can pick up your head and turn it from side to side multiple times --- and you are trying to lift your whole body off the mat as well. Strong boy!

You are starting to give us more smiles --- and sometimes when you just look at us, we see your grandfather's face (Matt's Dad)

You have a definite cranky time at night - usually for about an hour before we bathe & feed you. I think it's time to move up your bedtime :)

You like to look at your sister when we put you both on your playmat. You will give her this look, like "what's up, Sis? Why are you crying?" :) "And where did you come from? I was an only child for 7 weeks!"

You are such a sweet, good little baby. I love you more each and every day. You make my heart smile.

Quinn, you are 2 months old! This is what you have been up to:

You are in newborn diapers and weigh 8lbs 2oz now! I love seeing how much you have grown these past 8 or 9 weeks. To see the pictures of when you were born, with pretty much just skin and bones, and to see now that you have a double (and even possibly a triple) chin now --- wow!

You still wear all newborn clothing, but even some of your sleepers are getting too short on you now. Guess I have to move you up to 3 months soon too :( Sob. Yesterday I cleaned out your closet and packed away all of your preemie clothes to save for one of my sweet friends (and your future new best friend!). I cannot believe that you used to fit in those -- and in fact, they were too big at first. You've come a long way, baby girl!

You are getting a little better at eating now. We always fill your bottle with 3oz, but most of the time you are taking around 2 1/2 or so. Mommy & Daddy were really worried that you wouldn't gain weight because you would eat so little and spit up so much. But you must be getting some nutrition because you can still put out some diapers!

You are quite the spitter-upper. You get an outfit change at least 3 times a day. So does Mommy. I feel so badly for your when you spit up because I know it must not feel good to have such severe reflux. You look so sad in your eyes after you have a big one :( We give you Prevacid twice daily but Mommy's not convinced that it's working at all.

You do not love your morning nap. At all. You are more of a fan of your afternoon nap and very often sleep for 2 hours or more. Thank you, Quinnie!

My favorite time of the morning is when I go into your room to get you up for your first feed. You are all cozy and warm, swaddled in your blanket with the sweetest and most peaceful look on your face. I have about 30 seconds to cuddle with you before you realize that you are awake and you are HUNGRY. And then you let me know about it in no uncertain terms.

You are such an alert and smart little girl! You look at everything! I think that's why you aren't a big fan of napping --- you love to just look around and make sure you haven't missed anything. You will actually close your eyes for a few minutes and then they just pop right back open to check things out. You love to play with the fish that hang off your bouncy seat. You will bat them back and forth and it will entertain you for minutes. I say minutes, because I think you are easily bored. I am running out of things to show you and capture your attention.

You are starting to smile more at us every week. It melts my heart. I think you would smile more if you weren't so uncomfortable with your darn oxygen tube, sensor on your foot, and such bad reflux. If I could take it all away from you, I would in a millisecond. But Baby Girl, it's all temporary -- and in a few months, you will be a healthy, well-adjusted child without all of your bells and whistles.

We love you, Quinnie. And by the way, you are SUCH a daddy's girl. You melt him and vice-versa. We are so proud of the way you have grown and the amazing strength you have shown through all of your adjustments in the last 2 months. We can't wait to see you grow!

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Lisa said...

I can't believe they are 2 months old already! Time really does fly.

ps... sleepers always run a little small :) Hope that makes you feel better!