Ryan & Quinn's First Photo Shoot

I'm lucky to have a great friend who is not only a fabulous person, but also a very talented photographer. Many months ago it was decided Kendra would take Ryan & Quinn's newborn pictures. Of course, we had a few hiccups along the way --- we kept thinking Q would get released so we would schedule a shoot, then cancel, schedule, and then cancel.

Finally, we heartbreakingly decided we just needed to get Ryan's done first before he got too big and not so "newborn-like". So in early July, we took Ry's pictures. However, I could hardly bear to look at the pictures until Quinn came home. It just seemed so wrong to just see the 3 of us, and not the family of 4 that we truly were.

In late July Quinn came home and we were able to get hers done, as well as our family ones. Quinn was not quite as in love with the camera as Ryan was, but Kendra demonstrated immense patience during the entire 4 hour (yes, 4!) shoot. I think we were able to get some great pictures --- and now I think it's really special that each twin had their own special shoot and have their own individual pictures with Mom & Dad. We are already looking forward to taking more pictures in the late fall when the twins are bigger and happier to pose for us!

And because I lack patience like my sweet daughter, I won't even attempt to upload all of my favorites to this post. Instead, my sweet friend has already posted her favorites on her site. Thanks, Kendra!

See below!

Some family pictures

Ryan pictures

Quinn pictures

Babies Arrival #1

Babies Arrival #2

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Amy said...

I love the one of them screaming in the basket, that made me laugh. So cute. They've grown so much already!