Twas the Night Before a Kidney...

Wait, that's not right. But with all the "kidney stuff" the past few weeks, I haven't had time or energy to really focus on Christmas. Thankfully, I had already done most of my Christmas shopping prior to all of this yuckiness so I am not too far behind. And it has saved me from stressing too much about once again hosting a holiday at our home. I am sure my family is grateful that they have not received excel spreadsheets or multiple emails trying to piece together the holiday. So I guess we'll just wing it, which is probably more fun for everyone involved.

I guess it's about par for the course, but I never seem to deal with medical issues the simple way. Last Monday I finally got my stent removed --- and they had warned me that the pain would be decently substantial after the removal. Something about your body readjusting and contracting again after not having a foreign body in it. Anyway, they were right, but then I had some other scary symptoms that indicated infection so by Tuesday night I was back at the ER. They actually admitted me for an overnight stay but due to a horrible ER doctor, a terrible nurse and some other factors which I'll spare you the 15 minute story on -- I ended up checking out against medical advice. Fun.

Fortunately when my mom found out that I was yet again headed to the hospital, she jumped in her car and drove down from Dallas to be with us. I was so thankful to have her here even for a short time --- I truly had finally reached my breaking point after 2+ weeks of pain and was pretty much in hysterics by the time she arrived.

The next morning I had an early morning appointment with my doctor who reviewed my CT scan from the night before and assured me that all was ok for now. Basically I had let my pain get out of control (I was trying to not take more painkillers than absolutely necessary), so I never could catch up to it that afternoon --- that's where the low grade fever was triggered along with the chills. The CT scan showed my kidney was still really swollen but he wasn't necessarily surprised by that and said it needed another week at least to start healing & for the antibiotics to take down the infection. Anyway, after another round of tears, I left his office feeling at least better about the situation and ready to take a good nap. Next week I will get to have a fun special x-ray test called an IVP to check my kidney for permanent damage and to see whether I have a structural abnormality as he potentially suspected during my surgery. We didn't even honestly go into what that would mean if that was the case, so I'm not thinking too much about it or even googling it. Very un-Meagan like. But there's no point. We'll deal with it if that's the case. Until then, I am just focused on feeling better and enjoying my babies very 1st Christmas.

Thankfully I made some sort of a turn around this past weekend and actually got almost  full nights of sleep in me. I'm  not pain free or med free for that matter, but much, much better than what I was. I am so thankful all of this happened when it did ---- if I had to be down and out for Christmas, I would be truly bummed out. So now the next few days will be a rush of trying to get everything else ready and purchase a few last minute gifts.  I FINALLY got out my Christmas cards on Saturday afternoon so they won't be New Year's greetings as I had feared. Definitely not as early as I would have liked, but better than the one year when everyone got Christmas cards for Valentine's Day.

I am so excited about this holiday. It's hard to believe that this time last year, the babies were the size of apples or something and now they are actually here & will be dressed in adorable reindeer outfits. We feel incredibly blessed. We also will be baptizing the babies on Christmas Eve which will be such a special moment for our entire family. I can't think of a more appropriate night to do it. I wish all of our family members could be here to celebrate the special night, but to get everyone in town at the same time pretty much takes an Act of Congress. So hopefully we'll get it on video and everyone else will be able to at least see it.

But I can't wait to dedicate the babies and pledge in front of everyone to raise Ryan and Quinn in the Christian faith. My biggest hope for my children is that they will know and LOVE Jesus. I want them to know how awesome it is to have a relationship with Him and how they can turn to Him at all times. I pray they will have a heart for serving Him and His people. No matter what they decide to do with their lives as they grow up, if they KNOW and love Christ, then Matt and I will be thrilled and feel as if we did something right in this parenting journey.

So for now, hopefully no more posts on kidneys. Bring on Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

P.S. I came across this video from Kelly's Korner - I thought it was just so awesome! Take a peek. If you are a Facebook fan, then it will be that much more fun :)

In Him,

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