Thanksgiving Hangover 2010

So Thanksgiving has come and gone way too quickly. All that time prepping Excel sheets, sending emails, coordinating arrival times, cooking, eating, cleaning, and then eating some more --- and it's gone! Down came the Fall decorations yesterday and up go the Christmas ones today, if I can get my act together. As usual, I wish the weekend would have lasted just a little bit longer --- there always seems to be more that I want to do with my family and it's just not possible to get everything done.

Anyway, as is the Anderson tradition, the dishes served this year were the "BEST EVER!". We say that every year. Who cares if it's true or not? I think it's because the pumpkin pie & oyster dressing usually only makes a yearly appearance so we forget how good it all really is.

And while I will say that I am definitely not the hostess with the mostess, I enjoyed having everyone here. I will say I get a little (ok, a lot!) stressed thinking about having that many people in my house. But after the 2nd (or was it the 4th?) glass of wine, I was able to R.E.L.A.X. and really enjoy myself. Thank you to my mom, Steve, Blaine, Christina, Denver and Putty for making the trip. We love you guys!

We took a lot of pics - more so than usual just because of the babies. Typically in our marriage, Matt and I have not been the best at recording our memories and taking pictures but 2 babies changes all of that! It's actually been a lot of fun to be able to look back at their earliest pictures and just see how far we've come. Amazing. And amazing that they will be SIX months old in just a few days. We've survived :)

Love to you all and hope you had your BEST Thanksgiving ever!

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lifebytheday said...

LOVE the photos, esp. the babies in their jeans and team onesies! :-)