Finally - The Babies' 1st Birthday Post

I like to be consistent in my late postings of special events. So such is the case for the twin's 1st birthday party. I have tons of pics which I will try to scale down to a somewhat reasonable level.

For weeks (and I may have mentioned this) leading up to the party, I scouted etsy, smocked auctions, etc etc to come up with a theme. We (and by we, I mean me) finally settled on a sailboat/nautical theme, mainly because I found some precious outfits and wanted them to be worn more than once. They were perfect for our Alabama getaway so I just figured we would make them work as birthday outfits, too.

Anyway, I went a little crazy with the cakes for them but other than that, I think I managed to keep it pretty under control. I can say for sure that had our families not pitched in the day of the party to baby wrangle, help fix dishes, and decorate, we would have been hard pressed to get everything done. Suddenly that morning, it made complete sense to me why people rent out those inflatable places or gyms and have parties there. Namely because it was roughly 100 degrees outside and once we got everyone at the party, it was about 85 in the house. And then they provide everything and the entertainment??? Yes, please. But for the first birthday, I of course wanted it to be at our house. And I think we'll do the same next year - except maybe we'll scoot up the party a couple of weeks so everyone doesn't melt. Either that or we are having a swim party every year from now on.

A HUGE thank you to Aunt Emily & Uncle Zeb who kept an eye on the kids, kept me calm, and helped prep much of our food - not to mention last minute runs to the grocery and the adult beverage store. Big thanks to Uncle Blaine & Aunt Christina -- Blaine made some delish meatball appetizer thingies that were sadly all gone by the end of the party (I was hoping for lefties!) and my amazingly creative sis-in-law who made the Rice Krispie treat favor "lollipops". I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, but they were precious. And to the rest of Matt's family who made the trek from Round Rock and spent a couple of hours putting together some really awesome gifts for the twins (pics below) - so special to have y'all there. (Gigi and Steve came in the weekend before and we had our celebration for the twins then, including an awesome swingset for the kids & ice cream cupcakes --- they, like us, were leaving for Alabama that week so it was just too much to pack into one weekend.)

At some point during the party, I looked around and was almost in disbelief. I just felt incredibly blessed at that point, knowing how many people cared about our kids and wanted to share in this special day. I almost couldn't believe we made it (and survived!) a year. If the next 17 go as fast as this one, I am in trouble. I almost had a breakdown when they did their smash cakes --- how am I going to feel when they turn 18 - yikes!!! Suffice to say, insanely hot temps and all, the party was fantastic. Instead of writing too much more about it, I'll just post some pics. Happy 1st Birthday, Ryan & Quinn! You are loved! (and incredibly spoiled, evidence below)

The one family pic we were able to capture before craziness ensued

And again, in color, just in case.

Mommy & Quinn (I don't know where Ryan had disappeared to at this point :( )

Ma and her grandbabies

Quinn's cake. It was perfect. Save for the fact that the cake lady put the WRONG middle initial. For the record, it should have been an "E". But that was pretty much the only ooopsie of the day, so we'll live.

Ryan's cake. We will always do a cake for each kid & never a joint one. I want them each to feel special.

The adult cakes (real ones) and the smash cakes for the babies (vegan, no eggs)

I think this was when they came out of the ball pit, a gift from Mommy & Daddy. It was a huge hit. And you can tell from Q's face that the temperature in the house had soared to at least 80. Can you tell I have massive heat intolerance???

Sweet Caroline & her daddy Ryan. (If you've read this blog for any amount of time --- C is a MIRACLE baby. Born at 29 weeks gestation and weighing only 1lb 14oz. Doesn't she look fantastic??!! Here she is about 9 months later.

The ball pit again. It was also a hit with the older kids. And the Happy Birthday banner, which no, I didn't make. I am not crafty in the least. That was an etsy purchase.

Cousin Riley holding Quinn

Matching bloomers/boxers for their smash cake experience

And here we go!

I think she was looking at me in confusion.

Here son, this is how you do it.

Ryan was still trying to figure it out - Q had gotten into it at this point.

First taste. Priceless.

Q was VERY serious about her cupcake eating.

Aunt Emmy & Quinn (who gave us the 1st birthday bibs)

Ryan and Uncle Christian

Some of the gifts (cars from Aunt Em & Uncle Zeb)

Quinn opening gifts with help from Riley & our little friend Joseph -- who was my big helper that day!

Q on Thomas. I'm not sure why we didn't re-dress the babies after cake except that it was HOT. Did I mention that already?

Ryan was losing his pants in the excitement.

And what would be a gift from Uncle Blaine and Aunt Christina without a little Longhorn madness thrown in? (Quinn also got a pink UT outfit) And their Thomas the Train has been a twin favorite as of late.

One of my besties, Ash - who has supported and loved us all through this entire journey. I have spent many a lunch with her, laughing, crying, and sharing this parenthood experience. A friendship to be treasured!

Our other great friends, Libby, Gil and little Grayson --- Joseph, their other son, was the one who helped me choose the gifts to open and helped me with the cards :) They are wonderfully sweet people and I feel blessed to have reconnected after 10 years! (Libby & I were sorority sisters at LSU)

Happy Ryan. This was shortly before he went into a sugar-laced coma

And there's the coma. Or it looks like something "special" was cooked into the cakes. Either way that child needed a nap desperately.

And sweet C again :)

Q showing off her pushing skills. If it is not bolted to the floor, she'll push it.

Matt and cousin Ady

What a precious day for our family. Blessed, blessed, blessed. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and has loved on our sweet children. Cheers to surviving a year - here comes year 2!

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Johnson Family said...

Happy Birthday Ryan and Quinn! Meagan and Matt, congratulations on making it through the first year!! The kids look like they had a blast and the cakes looked amazing! What a blessing they are. Precious pictures too!!