Easter Bunny 2012

The day after the kids go to "school", they are always itching for something more fun to do than just watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse, read and color with Mommy. Apparently, I'm not as fun or cool as Miss Kara. Whatever. Yesterday I went to pick the twins up and Quinn literally picked up her backpack when she saw me coming and RAN clear to the opposite side of the room, so I had to chase her down and make her come home. She was not a happy camper that Mommy made her leave her fun day. I guess if it was the opposite and she cried the whole day because she was sad to be away, it would be much worse. But super fun to carry out your screaming, kicking child out of preschool like I was kidnapping her.

Anyway, I decided today would be the perfect day to take the kids to get their pictures with the Easter Bunny so we could have a fun and different activity - and wear them the heck out. We bypassed the picture taking last year for some reason I can't remember (probably because I didn't have a brain a year ago), so the Mom in me really wanted to capture the memory. We were sad that Daddy couldn't go, but I was fearful of the weekend crowds so today seemed as good a day as any.

While we were waiting for the incredibly sloooowwwww "Easter Bunny Helper" to get set up (just what do you call them anyway? Easter Bunny Elves?"), the Bunny himself came over to the stroller to get acquainted with the twins. Now, they have never been within 100 yards of any large, furry, fake animal so I was a little nervous. To my surprise, they giggled. And kept giggling. It was precious.

And then I knew... I wasn't going to get my freak out Easter picture this year. I have this twisted little mind that secretely (or not so much) wants one of them -or both would be even better - to have a total meltdown so I can laugh about it for the next 20 years. It didn't happen with Santa 2011, so I had high hopes for Bunny 2012.

Yeah, not happening. Instead, we got this:

Which I am actually kind of in love with. They look pretty stinkin' adorable. It was fairly difficult to get them to both smile looking at the camera and at the same time, but in the end, this was the final product. I love that they are in matching outfits --- contrary to most of the pictures I post on here (the professional ones, etc), I don't often match or coordinate them. But I found these outfits through my obsession, Smocked Auctions, and LOVE them. And I only have 2 more months for jon jons for Ryan (per Matt's instructions), so that boy is wearing the heck of them this spring/summer.

I will cherish this photo for years. Until I get the freak out picture I am hoping for : )

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