Heart & Mind Education Day at CHOP

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A few times in the recent past, I have referenced www.heartwaves.org, an awesome Congenital Heart Defect advocacy, research, and informational website for parents of children with special hearts. The website and organization was started by a husband of a soccer friend of mine from LSU and I have been inspired by their passion to reach out to CHD families all across the country. Their son was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (a distant cousin to Q's disease). He is now 5 years old and is doing just awesome. 

Jared recently wrote an article about the emotions all of us heart parents go through when our worlds virtually stop for an instant when we hear those dizzying words of "your child has a problem with his/her heart". We all remember that place and time and in an instant, can be brought back to those moments of fear, questions of "why us?", the guilt, the grace, and eventually the peace of knowing you will find the best place possible to take care of your child.

Would love for all of you to take a look at this article (he says it much better than me!) and I invite each and every one of you to follow along as Jared streams video and blogs from Philadelphia's CHOP at their very special and informative "Heart and Mind Education Day" on Saturday, July 28th.

 If you haven't already, visit www.heartwaves.org and subscribe to their blog or add it to your google reader. They post awesome and informative articles all the time that never fail to inspire and educate me as a heart mommy. Information is POWER!

Team Quinn Forever & Always,

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Cheryl Enlow said...

Your family seems so strong and amazing. You have turned such a hard and tough issue into a great story with such a happy ending. Your kids are seriously so stinkin adorable :)