Happy 4th of July - 2012

I am again way behind in posts (umm, anyone recall that the twin's actually had a birthday party and I have yet to post about it yet?). We are just running mad around here and my car shows it. The kids are in swim lessons 4 times a week for 4 weeks --- it doesn't sound all that time consuming, until you add in drive time there and back, the actual lessons, changing, etc and all of a sudden 3 hours of our day has slipped away. Oh yeah, and we closed on our house and are officially leasing back for 90 days. Which means we have about 83 days to find a new place to live which actually is proving quite challenging and time consuming as well. Throw in work, freelancing on the side (more on that later), physical therapy because I am a medical freak of nature, and other assorted duties of trying to remain a sane wife and mother, well... blogging has gone by the wayside. BUT I have these pictures from the 4th and am determined to actually post them somewhat on time. 

We spent the 4th very quietly. No big events, parties, or firework shows. Our little man is a bit sensitive to loud noises (freaks the heck out with hair dryers and vacuum cleaners) so we didn't think fireworks would go down well. And honestly, we just wanted a day OFF. I spent the morning seeing my precious new "niece" courtesy of one of my besties, our family photographer, and R&Q's "Aunt" Kendra. Love, love, love this precious new one and again amazed at God's Grace and the sheer miracle of life.

Sweet girl. I was a bundle of nerves awaiting the news of her arrival. Now I know how Kendra felt when R&Q were born. Such a special friendship we share --- can't wait to see Kenzie grow!

We were letting her rest so she could conserve energy for feeding. I know I will get to hold her many, many times in the future!

Beyond that, we had the all-american lunch of Pot Belly and laid low the rest of the afternoon. Of course, the kids were decked out in their red, white, and blue, as was I. Matt did not wear any of the patriotic colors, but had on a tshirt for a band called the National or Nationals or something like that so I guess it counts.

We did take them out for some traditional 4th of July pics and it struck me sentimental that it would be the last 4th pictures we would take in front of this house. Sweet and a bit sad. The kids were actually in good moods and for once cooperated for the camera. Making progress. Here a few shots. Hope you and yours had a wonderful and relaxing 4th!

Yup, that's my favorite. It will probably embarrass the heck out of them later in life, but oh so precious. Love that they love each other. I'll try to remember this picture when one of them is putting the other in a full nelson.

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Cheryl Enlow said...

Oh my goodness your Littles are so adorable. I love how they are hamming it up for the camera...adorable!!