Nothing Like a Little Perspective

Ya'll, I have so much I need to share. So many thoughts in my mind, things that are happening around here, pictures, etc. Time has been a precious commodity this week so a post of that nature may not actually happen. 

But my dear friend Katie was featured in this Texas Children's Hospital video today and I cannot help but share with you. As a friend, she is incredibly precious to me --- I don't know that I could have made it sanely through Q's journey without her. Her faith, love, generosity, and grace through the most difficult circumstances continues to inspire me. There is this one picture that I always think back to - Katie is laying on the gurney, about to be wheeled into surgery to deliver sweet Caroline at just 29 weeks, knowing that because of her health issues, she will be under full sedation and not even be aware of her first child's birth.

But there is Katie and Ryan - with huge smiles on their faces on that gurney. Ready to face the world. Ready to face whatever was coming their way. To me, their smiles show their incredible faith. I am sure, like us all, that under those smiles, was also an incredible amount of worry. But as Katie has lived her whole life, she chooses optimism. She chooses love. She chooses faith and God, above all else. 

I love this video because it's so true to them - every ounce. Quinn's BFF, Caroline, is a testament to prayers, miracles, and outstanding care from the doctors and nurses at Texas Children's Hospital. I am absolutely convinced, that without TCH, that Quinn would not have such a positive prognosis for her life. And Caroline is absolutely in that same sentiment --- our babies were cared for by the best in the business. Oh, my - thank you, God. Thank you for these precious babies, who really are not so much babies anymore, but full on toddlers, thanks to the marvels of the medical world --- and truly, the marvels of the God we serve. 

I am not asking you to donate or take action after this video. I am simply asking that you watch it and pray that you feel as moved as I did. Pray for all of the sweet babies struggling for life right now. And hug your little ones and loved ones ever much closer tonight. Life is indeed, precious.

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