Pulse Ox Legislation

I'm going to make this brief as we are down and out with the flu & assorted illnesses here. All of which have led to massive random facebook & blog stalking - but what's a girl to do when she's laying in bed? At any rate, very, very, very important news & your prayers are appreciated. Because I am lazy/tired/feverish right now, I'm just copying my FB status. But if you want to read more on pulse & my HUGE advocacy of why we believe pulse ox should be mandatory in all Texas hospitals, please click here. 

For any of my Texas Heart Friends, a friend of mine has scheduled a VERY important meeting with the chairperson of the TX Health & Human Services Committee next Weds to discuss mandatory pulse oximeter legislation. It is CRITICAL that Texas be on board with this --- too many babies are sent home with undiagnosed heart defects, which leads to major complications, and sometimes even sadly, death. A pulse ox is a painless, inexpensive monitor that is strapped to the newborn's toe, usually within 24-48 hours after birth. If it has a low reading, it can signal a problem and allow for further testing to be done before the baby is released from the hospital. If you are a heart mom or dad and would like to send a personal letter detailing your experience and why you are a proponent of pulse ox legislation (or if you are a nurse/dr/etc who sees the incredible value of such an important test), please email me your letters by Monday, meaganclanahan@yahoo.com and I will make sure they get to Trent Hamilton in time for his meeting. Thank you all! For all of our heart prayer warrior friends, please be in prayer for this meeting. It would be a HUGE step forward for CHD advocacy to have such legislation presented and approved.

Thank you, Team Quinn Heart WARRIORS!

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Anonymous said...

Oh. So tired of these frequent CHD posts. When can you move beyond and just live? Quinn is fine - live and just live. xo, from a friend

Trent said...

To Anonymous,
You obviously don't read Meagan's "tiresome" CHD posts. It isn't something that goes away with medicine or even a surgery. A heart defect is always there! These kids are never truly "fixed". They may look fine or normal from the outside, but their heart could give out at any moment.
You should feel lucky that you don't feel the need to post about CHDs to inform other parents. That is a luxury that any CHD parent would love to have, but we don't. So we post about CHDs so that just one family might be prepared, comforted, or informed about a defect that their child might have.
God Bless you and I praise the fact that your child isn't 1 in 100!

Jared Broussard said...

Well said. Meagan, please continue to post away x 1000. Love your writing, your wit, and perspective.

Jared Broussard