2 years, 9 months

Ok, so 2 years 9 months old isn't exactly a milestone so much - except for the fact they are on the closer end to 3 years old now & not 2 1/2. Which gives me pause every time someone asks me how old they are. Do I go with 2 and a half or do I say the honest answer and "almost  three". Which, quite frankly, almost reduces me to a sniffly "where in the world did the last three years go and wahhhhhhh!?!!!" mess.

What I'm Loving:

1. How much they really do love each other. They love to be around one another, they love their built-in playmate, and they are growing very respectful of each other. Nothing warms my heart like Quinnie bringing Ryan his water just because, or Ryan giving up his seat in the car because his sister wants to sit there. No prompting from me - they just do it. 

2. Their sponge brains. Both seem to really love learning --- always have an interest in "what's that, Mommy?", "why, Mommy?" and a bazillion other questions. They love to learn the alphabet and numbers, both reciting and visually recognizing them. They get super excited when they see letters or numbers they recognize. Is it any surprise they know HEB? :) 

3. They LOVE books. I mean, LOVE. They would read 10 books a night if we let them. Usually I read them a couple throughout the day and then let Daddy have some special reading time with them at night while I finish up cooking dinner. They love when their Daddy reads to them - he does all the funny voices, noises, and is just generally entertaining. It's times like that when I peek up from whatever I'm stirring, and just watch  without them noticing. And maybe get a little tear in my eye. It's all I could have ever hoped for in a daddy for my children.

4. They are so darn much fun to play with. Their zest and zeal for any activity is incredible. Whether it's cars, princess castle, kitchen, or just running around outside, they have so much joy and their smiles are infectious. Quinnie is my craft kid - she loves anything artsy and believes wholeheartedly that quantity is better than quality :) She will rush through one project just so she can start another. Ryan is my calmer kid who can sit for long periods of times in his imaginary world of planes, trains, and automobiles. He is very, very focused on each activity - especially if it's playing basketball or kicking the soccer ball. He makes sure to line up and do a couple of practice thrusts before actually letting go of the ball. 

5. They are learning manners! So great for this southern mama's heart. I always have said I will have done my job if I raise kids who love Jesus, love others, and are polite. It's was just ingrained in me from a young age and I want them to have the same thing. They say "Please, thank you, you're welcome, etc" for almost everything. Still working on "Yes ma'am" and "no sir" because I think it confuses them --- why are we suddenly "ma'am" and "sir" if we were just "mommy" and "daddy" before. 

6. Independence. They can do so much more for themselves. Feed themselves, put up their plates and silverware, put their clothes on the stairs instead of discarding them at the door, even get dressed themselves for the most part (Quinnie) and pick out their own clothes (Quinnie again). And independence has led to the reward of the "big" beds. Which I realized they were ready for them long ago - turns out it was momma who wasn't.

Love you, R&Q. I'm sticking with 2 year olds until exactly June 3rd :)

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