Moms, today is YOUR day... and Family Dinner Time

Oh, this little space has been so neglected lately. Life in the fast lane I suppose. Still writing though and this  past week I've been busy over at Houston Moms Blog. I would love for you to check out a couple of new posts:

1) Moms, Today is YOUR Day: 
Well, it has been A WEEK. You know the ones. The weeks where you question if you managed to do anything productive, took the quickest showers of your life {if you got one at all}, skidded into the preschool line just seconds before the end of drop off time, never got dinner on the table in time, made meals that only your husband would eat, forgot to pack at least one item for the kids every day, and jumped into bed for mindless TV right after the kids were down, neglecting said husband and friends.

2) Gather 'Round the Table: Family Dinner Tips
And then came the laziness/craziness. Trying to cook during the “witching hour,” watching every second click by on the clock until my husband made his way home, and create suitable meals that all would appreciate almost sent me straight to a padded room, preferably with a white wine sangria in hand.
But one night my precious 3 year old uttered these words – “Mommy, we eat ALL TOGETHER???”
He wanted to. He yearned for that togetherness, as did my daughter. So I pulled on my big girl panties and decided it was time to figure this out. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in it. I did. I do. I just needed a little adjustment time.
So slowly and steadily we began to incorporate family dinners into our weekly routine. Click here to keep reading...

Even if you aren't in Houston, I highly encourage you to check out the Houston Moms Blog. Our team of contributors post each day about a multitude of "mommyhood" topics. It's so fun because each contributor clearly has their own voice and experiences to share. I think you'll be inspired, encouraged, challenged, educated, and equipped - and you will relate to these amazing women. 

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Enjoy! Hope to see you around at Houston Moms Blog :) 

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