The Dreaded "BR" - and I don't mean Baton Rouge

Yup - the good ole BR.

Bed Rest.



Actually it could be worse - it's only modified bed rest which pretty much means that I am limited to movements around the house and it's not recommended I go on 2 or 3 hour shopping adventures. I'll still be able to work regularly for the most part as long as I keep my feet up and all that good stuff.

And thank goodness for credit cards, pay pal and the internet.

Still, I was pretty disappointed to have this happen at only 21 weeks. Kinda made me feel like a failure in some ways. But I am willing to do whatever.it.takes to keep these kiddos baking for as long as possible.

So today was a pretty bizarre day. I had my routine ultrasound and doctor's visit this morning and quite frankly, after a dozen of these, I was pretty much sure I would breeze through it, grab my bagel sandwich from my favorite deli, and then be heading home. Not so much.

Apparently, during the ultrasound, it looked like my cervix was softening or shortening or funneling or something equally not good. When my doctor checked me, I wasn't dilated or anything but it gave her enough concern to schedule a procedure this afternoon to put a stitch in my cervix.

I knew I was in trouble when she asked me when was the last time I ate or drank.

And then I immediately regretted that I only had one of my precious Thin Mint cookies after breakfast instead of the customary 3 or 4.

Anyway, they knocked me out at 5:30pm tonight and I was home thankfully in time to catch the majority of the Bachelor Tell-All and scarf down a huge sandwich and fries. Followed by a Sonic candy sundae. Oh, the important things in life, huh?

(It should be noted that the charge nurse warned me to only have a light meal tonight and nothing greasy or heavy since "your stomach is the last thing to wake up after general anesthesia". Ummm yeah. Pretty sure that little warning shouldn't be for a pregnant woman with twins who hasn't eaten since 6:30am. And I feel perfectly fine. And actually still kinda hungry. What's for breakfast?)

All went well and hopefully this will be the last little scare and these little guys can get comfy for the next 16 or 17 weeks. If that means 16 or 17 weeks of Bravo Housewife marathons and pajama pants, bring it on.

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Ellie said...

let me know if you want me to teach you to knit! I guess now is the best time! If you get stir crazy let me know! I will go keep you company. :)

The Wests said...

hang in there; thank goodness for blogs and facebook! Enjoy the rest cause there won't be much of it in a little while!

Jen said...

Thinking about you girl! Praying for you and your little M&Ms :)

Tanya said...

Finally got on and caught up! I'm sad about the BR, but at least you're not down for the count! Thinking about you guys. . .will you still be able to play up this way in March? Would love to see you and pat that M&M tummy! Hugs and prayers!