We have a nursery???

Yup, we have an official "nursery". Sounds so strange, huh? Well, at least to me it does!

After the events of a couple of weeks ago and the determination of bed rest, my mother was wonderful enough to drive down from the Big D and help us start making sense of all this baby stuff.

Cribs and furniture arrived and needed to be put together and the bedding that I ordered had been gathering dust in a back closet.

So my mommy and hubby spent all day Saturday re-touching paint and hammering things into place while I lay on the bed and couch somewhat princess-like.

And when they were done...it was just what I envisioned. It's still lacking decorative elements and letters for my little girl, but all in all - it's coming together.

So when we got the letters, we only had a boy's name, Ryan. Now we officially have a little girl's name as well. Letters will be bought this week & I apparently am going to be crafty and paint them. We'll see how that turns out.
I am about the least crafty person you know --- when I was a little girl, every year I would ask for some new art set, pottery wheel, easel for Christmas. And every year, it would be abandoned by mid-January when I rediscovered that crafting was not my thing. But to buy these letters all painted and designed is about $12-$15 per letter - even I won't spend that. I plan to take the money I save by my do-it-yourself attempt and buy a chocolate rug for the nursery. I don't know if Matt knows that part of my plan yet, but he will soon!
Oh - so the names... officially... drumroll, please....
Ryan David Greenwood
(David being Matt's father's name & Greenwood is after a close friend of my family - that's a whole story for a whole other post)
Quinn Eugenie
(We wanted something short for her like Ryan and something that ended in the "n" sound. Eugenie is a family name on my side that has been carried through god knows how many generations)
We are so excited to have the naming process complete. And God bless those who can keep the sex or the names a secret until the big day. I wasn't blessed with that sort of patience.

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Lisa said...

love love love it! Quinn is precious... I've already been calling her "Quinny" In my head... sorry if you don't like the nickname... its already stuck in my head :) Anyway perfect choices.

Johnson Family said...

Beautiful names and beautiful nursery!!

Michelle said...

Love that you were a princess I can just see it now :)

H said...

fab names, I love it! your nursery is darling

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, love the nursery! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the names!!! I think Quinn is so awesome! Sounds good with Clanahan... And Ryan... How 'bout another belly pic???