4 months old (a few days, ok... a couple of weeks late!)

The twins were 4 months old on October 3rd. Again, time has escaped me and while it seems all I do is watch Real Housewives & play on facebook, apparently there is other stuff going on... we have been "Hotel Clanahan" since the babies were born, and there's only a rare weekend when we haven't had visitors. We absolutely love it - and love having sometime with precious family and friends. And Matt was "subbing" for his boss for the past 3 1/2 weeks so most nights he was not getting home before 6pm, and then it's time for baths, bottles, bed, dinner, and then bed for Mommy & Daddy.

So basically, organizing these pictures at the top with the way blogger is irritating me is out of the question. At least for tonight. My apologies, Ryan & Quinn.

There, enough excuses??!! Here we go...

Ryan - What You are Up To @ 4 Months Old:

At your 4 month check up, you weighed 12lbs 9oz and were 23 inches long. My growing boy. You don't miss many meals. You are still in the 5th percentile and 12th percentile respectively on weight and length, but your head is in the whopping 60th percentile! No wonder I have a tough time pulling 3 month clothes over your head!

Speaking of clothes, you are fully in 3 months, and some of your 3 month pjs are starting to get a little tight. We are going to need to upsize those soon. But all of your "cute" clothes in 3 months still fit. I love dressing you up. You on the other hand, are not impressed with Mommy's choices most of the time. I think you would be happy with just  a diaper.

You are a HUGE smiler and giggler these days. It melts my heart. Every morning, without fail, even if you have been whining, as soon as I set you on the changing table, you give me this massive grin. I love you sweet boy.

You are still incredibly laidback. Whenever we make trips out (which is rare), you just either sleep the whole time or you just look around with contentment written all over your face. At a drs appt for Quinn, Dr. B & all the nurses just kept checking on you to make sure you were still with us :)

You have a newfound obsession with a pink, fluffy star hanging off your playmat. HMMMMMMMMMM. :)

You are less than impressed with tummy time. Most of the time I have to lay down on the floor with you and keep pushing your hands underneath you to work out those muscles. You would be content just to lay your head down and fall asleep.

You can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, anytime. When you are done, you are done. You just get this milk-drunk look on your face and your eyelids get so droopy. I am so envious that you can just shut it down when you are ready. Even when Mommy is exhausted, she still fights sleep. So you must get that from Daddy.

You are becoming so aware of your hands and feet and want to touch & grab anything. That means anything that I am holding or my clothes, or my hair.

You are such a happy, sweet, cuddly little bear and we love you so much!!!

Quinn - What You Are Up To @ 4 Months Old:

At your 4 month check, you weighed 10lbs 7 oz. and you were 22 1/2 inches long. You are growing! Mommy was a little sad, because we had been working so hard on your feedings, and I thought you would have gained a little more. But your heart is working so hard and taking all of your calories. However, the next week you rebounded and gained 8oz in 7 days and you were just shy of a whopping 11lbs :) And we see it all over you face --- looking at your cheeks, it's doubtful that you have missed many meals either!

You are completely out of your newborn clothes as well, and have even moved onto size 1 diapers. Most of your 3 month stuff still has a little growing room, but the more you grow, the cuter the outfits get :) Keep growing, little one!

Honestly, if you are not feeding, you are just about the happiest little baby. You smile so much these days, it's amazing to see! And you smile with your eyes --- meaning I can see it, even when you have a giant paci in your mouth! You are also a HUGE talker. You would just talk and babble for hours if I'd let you --- but a little girl needs her sleep now and again.

Speaking of naps, you are getting sooo much better at them. You used to fuss all the time, and now you know the routine and most of the time go down pretty easy. We are still doing 3 naps a day for both of you guys, and it's just a crap shoot on whether one or both of you will stay asleep for an hour to an hour 1/2. Most likely, little Q, it's you who's ready to get up first. But that just means you are afraid you are missing something important! (Trust me little girl, the laundry folding, bottle washing, bill paying, mail checking and facebooking updating really isn't that exciting!)

You have such an amazing spirit! I LOVE seeing your personality come out in these past few weeks. You are fiesty but such a sweetie... and you love attention. You fight for what you want and are just my little independent. Good for you! Most of all, I love when you have one of your cuddly moods and you curl up with me into my neck for just a second. My sweet girl. But let's not fool anyone. You are still such a Daddy's girl. Sweetheart, you have him completely wrapped around your finger. Just don't tell him I told you that....

You are getting really good at tummy time! You prefer to do it when you are on my chest as opposed to the floor but your strength is amazing. You remain in love with your little purple fish that hangs off of your bouncy seat. You will just play with that thing all day long. And we also discovered you can be a little lazy --- Mommy's friend Libby gave you her Nap Nanny to borrow and you are obsessed. You will just lay in that thing and swing your legs over the edges like you are ready to watch a good movie (or football game!). It cracks me up. Lady of Leisure, my daughter. That's about right!

You are really looking so much healthier these days. Your color is great, your cheeks look nice & plump and you are even getting a little Buddah belly. Once we get this surgery behind us, you are going to just take off, I know it!

Baby girl, you are my heart. I love you.

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