A Year Can Change Everything

How a year can change everything. Just a few days ago, we celebrated the year anniversary of the implantation of the precious embroyos that we now know as Ryan and Quinn. As I read back through a few of those posts, I was kind of overcome with emotion. I was so excited that day, yet so nervous about what was to come. Not knowing if it would work. Not knowing if we would ever be parents.

Not knowing if we would be ready if it DID work :)

But it did. And here we sit a year later, and I have two precious little ones taking their afternoon nap in the next room. My once relatively organized living room is scattered with all sorts of rattles, swings, bouncy seats, and playmats. My sink is littered with dirty baby bottles and there is formula powder all over the counter. But I couldn't be happier about that. I simply cannot imagine waking up and not seeing their little faces. And just like when I met and married Matt, I cannot remember what my life was like before.

But that's why a blog is good :) Because I can look back and remember all of those emotions, the uncertainity, excitement, fear, and joy. I am so thankful that I charted the journey, if for no reason other than to have the stories for our family. I know some people are hesistant to discuss infertility - but for me, it was right to be open about it. It's part of us.

And I feel so blessed that I can actually see what Ryan & Quinn looked like when they were only 8 little cells. I think that once you have seen images like that, and then to know they were put in your body to grow, and now they are these little people ---- well, it's 100% proof to me that there is a God. And He is more awesome than we can even imagine.

We also celebrate that Matt's mother, Barbara, is one year past her diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer --- and is cancer-free!!! The day we had the transfer for the babies, we found out the news. Needless to say, it was such a mixture of emotions --- we were taking this huge step to extend our family and trying to be excited about that, but it was tempered by that devestating diagnosis. She has probably been through one of the toughest years of her life since that October news --- going through the chemo, surgery, and radiation, and of course,  followed by the death of Matt's father at the end of January. However, the "year that changed everything" has shown what an amazingly strong woman she is. She endured the treatments. And she triumphed over the Big C. Yay, Barbara! I am so proud to have you as a mother-in-law and grandma to our precious babies.
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Lisa said...

For someone who has just been on the sidelines rooting you guys on... it has been an amazing year! Adam and I still couldn't be more thrilled for you two to be parents.

I'm so happy for Barbara!! That is fabulous news!! May God continue to bless her and your family.

Matthew said...

Love you babe. Thank you for being the best mom and wife in the world. Our kids and I are so fortunate to have you in our lives. I can't wait for R and Q to get to know you and us as parents and friends.

Anonymous said...

and....I am so incredibly proud of all of you! And, I know Barry and Dave are both smiling down on you~ I can see Dad peeking over his glasses...and...Dave standing back and taking it all in! Wow...what a picture they see! Love you all so much! Eugenie