Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

On Thursday, October 7th, Quinn rolled over for the first time. I actually missed it the first time because I had put her on her tummy for a second while I went to go fetch Ryan from his crib. I came back into the room less than a minute later, and she was flat on her back staring at the ceiling. At first, I was so confused -- and she looked confused, too! Anyway, I put her on her tummy  again after that and she rolled over about 5 times. I was soooo thrilled for her --- and obviously so distracted that I forgot to press record on the video camera. I thought I was getting this amazing video for Matt but instead I was just taking still shots. Awesome mom that I am. Anyway, I was able to capture it a couple of days later... so here's the tape. Pretty cool.

Then yesterday, Weds, October 13th, Ryan decided that his sister was not going to be the only one performing tricks. Matt and I were playing with the kids after he got home from work and little Ryan just did it. So awesome. He proceeded to do it about 3 more times. I haven't gotten his on video yet because we were too excited, but I am sure that will be to come. I've got big plans for them today.
Lots of rolling, rolling, rolling :) Good job, twins! Love you!
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Amy said...

How exciting! She's such an athlete! And I'm straight up in love with Ryan. That kid is OFF THE CHARTS! I love that hat. Meagan, I can't wait to see them again, I miss them!!!