Shake it, Quinn

Remember when I referenced the new head shaking that Quinn was doing when finished feeding? Well, here it is - in it's full glory. Feeding babies is not glamorous work but often hysterical.

And here is also where you notice such a dramatic difference in their personalities. One womb, one mommy, one daddy, 2 VERY different children that are equally loved the same for all of their quirks :)



Praying For Abby Grace said...

Oh my goodness, i LOVE this!!!! If I don''t see ya'll soon I might start to twitch!! Kiss those little ones for me!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Oh my gosh~ Hilarious!! Ok, Field is like Ryan when he eats. Just sits there and I have to literally pry his mouth open to get some food in there. Ha! Too cute. We love you, Ryan and Quinn.

Lisa said...

It's her own little form of baby sign language! Have you done any signs with them? I only did a few with my kids but it was nice b/c they could sort of tell you what they needed before they could really verbalize. I bet Quinn would eat it up!! Just a thought :O)

lifebytheday said...

LOL, so cute!!