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Most of y'all will remember that we posted about the Team Quinn tshirts and that we all wore them on the "Keep the Beat" walk a couple of weeks ago. We purchased 25 or so for our immediate family members and for those participating in the walk and I must say (humbly, of course!), that they were a hit.

Anway, I've had a few inquiries on how to get a Team Quinn shirt, so this is what we have decided to do...

(And I've felt a little weird and hesitant about putting this out there because I didn't want my friends to feel like they needed to purchase a shirt to support our family or spend any $ to be a part of Team Quinn. Anyone who has prayed or thought about Quinn during this journey is fully on T.Q. - I absolutely recognize that and we are thankful and blessed beyond measure! But I do realize that people love our fiesty daughter and want to cheer her on -- so this was the best thing we could come up sans as much awkwardness as possible)

If we can get at least 10-15 requests (which is the mininum for our "t-shirt guys") - then we would love to order some more for folks to wear on Q's big surgery day (and even on the day of her cardiologist appts, etc or just whenever you feel like it!). The cost would be $10 to you. (Just to clarify so you know we aren't making a profit, the actual cost of the t-shirt is $11+ plus shipping.)

And what we would absolutely LOVE to do is take $5 of your "donation" and give it back to "It's My Heart" (http://www.itsmyheart.org/). So bottom line, for every t-shirt ordered, Matt and I will match $5 to go towards Congenital Heart Defect research.

If you would like to order a tshirt(s), please send me a message at meaganclanahan@yahoo.com specifying number to order, sizes, address, etc. Of course, we won't request payment until we receive enough orders to reach our minimum.

The cut-off order date will be April 15th (Tax Day) because it's a memorable day to us all :) ha. Once I receive all requests, I will then place an order for the shirts. They typically take about 2 weeks for me to receive and then they will be shipped out to you or hand-delivered, should you live in the Houston area.
 *They do have children sizes as well, Youth Small through Youth XL.*
Again, I want to reiterate, Matt and I will not make a penny off of these orders. It's My Heart will be the primary benefactory and we will just use a portion of the $10 to cover the bare-bones expenses. We wish we could just buy t-shirts for everyone who wanted one --- in another life, it might be possible :) But  I don't know if you've seen the price of gas lately??? : ) $3.17 and counting, my friends. And my grocery store bill as of late - omg.

I want to thank everyone who has contacted me about getting a TQ shirt. We were totally taken aback that people would want one! Since some time may have passed since your initial request, I would sincerely appreciate a reminder email if you are still interested.

Team Quinn loves you!

In His Hands,

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