9 Months Old - A Picture Post

Well, I have been under the weather all week, so my ability to record details tonight on the babies' 9 month birthday is somewhat comprimised (note: do not get a kidney infection and a lemon sized ovarian cyst at the same time - no bueno & makes for a pretty cranky SAHM).

However, since we did have a lot of time just hanging around the house this week (which in itself was a shame because we have that gorgeous H-town weather that typically only happens for 4 weeks out of the year), I did find some energy to play dress up with the twins.

(It should be noted when it came time to take the 9 month "official pictures", Ryan was beside himself tired. This is probably one of the first pictures that I have of him pitching a fit, so I had to throw it on there. I also get the "mom feeling" that he's coming down with something because he was a pretty serious, quiet little boy today - but no fever yet. I feel like we are just waiting. Or maybe it's just good ole fashioned teething. I am pretty sure he's getting another one - that would make 7!
 Oh, and I can take zero credit for the "Look Whoooo's" signs with the owl. Totally stole that from my good friend Kristin who used the theme for her twins 1st birthday and I couldn't resist. And it's evident that I have way too much time on my hands.

And for the last disclaimer of the evening - I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE now to take their picture together with the sign with both looking at the camera and not ripping up the sign. I gave it a decent try today & then abandoned them to their cribs to capture the rest of the pics. So that's why it looks like they are in jail. But they still managed to rip my signs even from there. Oh well - such is life with NINE MONTH OLDS! Happy 3/4 Birthday, Ryan & Quinn!)

So here are some 9 month old pictures and then when we have our doctor's appointment on Monday, I'll post the ever-important stats and milestones that I am just POSITIVE you are holding your breath for. :)

Quinn likes to not only play IN her exersaucer but also under it. With another toy in hand of course.

Ryan has never taken a paci. Never liked it. Yet, he LOVES to steal his sister's pacifier and "pretend". The other night before we ate dinner, he started crying everytime I tried to take it away. So of course, I had to snap a picture of my sweet boy with a bright pink paci. I am also organizing a certain group of blackmail pictures for when they get older and misbehave.

The flash on my camera wasn't working correctly, but I couldn't delete this precious smile. Gig 'Em!

We have toys spread out everywhere - multiple fun toys. But they insist on being on top of each other most of the time and wanting to play with the same things. There was a meltdown shortly after this picture.

Ryan is also a fan of playing "under" rather than in. I just don't understand.

Why play with the fun, brightly-colored rings that go with this toy when you can just play with the plain 'ole base?

Naked Quinnie.

Oh, look! We are playing with an actual toy! (This thing is so cool - it says the colors in English, Spanish and French. I feel very educational just listening to it.

Trying on a big bow for the first time in a long time. I still think the petite bows/headbands are better for her petite head. Mostly because she can pull these off much more easily :)

Looking soooo grown up! Scary! Geaux Tigers - we give equal playing time around here to both teams.

Q about to launch into a move but sitting still for half a second. It's so rare these days.

I mostly kept this picture in here because I love these little jeans. Ebay, thank you very much.

The very next day she learned that she could pull herself fully up and bounce. Then she almost bounced herself over the side of the crib into the hamper. Thank God I was in the room. And yes, we moved the mattress down immediately.

Ryan is just happy to sit in his crib and roll around.


He loves playing peek-a-boo from his crib.

In honor of Texas Independence Day and the Rodeo

Matching! And Q has boots, too. Thanks, Gigi!

Sooo busy checking out our accessories that we can't be bothered to look at the camera.

There we go. Finally. I need an assistant on posed picture days.

What's up, sis?

Yup, that's pretty much what they do. Always grabbing. No personal space issues here.

This makes me laugh because it looks like they are sad and being punished or something! I assure you, there were not. They were just checking out their feet.

Big girl is 9 months old!

This is her "yikes!" face. Yikes, Mommy, I am getting OLD.

Is she looking??? I am stealing the sign

Got it.

I didn't do it.

Ryan was just as amused by the sign. So amused he refused to smile at the camera.

So we tried the floor because he's a little less steady hanging out on his feet. He was not impressed. Teach me to try to take pictures before naptime.

Loving on brother. He was still unimpressed.

Showing his early love for reading Dr. Seuss.

Such a serious boy.

Q just likes to crawl over her books.

Or lay on them.

Happy 75% of a year birthday to my sweeties!!!

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