Impromptu Photo Shoot - We So Crazy

Well, it's Sunday night and I am flying solo as Matt corrals some youth and young 'ins at our church. It is nights like this when I am soooooo thankful to have him home most nights to help me feed the babies dinner and also be the master bather. Almost since we've had both babes at home, it's been our ritual to let Matt bathe the children while I start dinner and prep bottles, etc. I definitely don't mind bathing, but I LOVE having a few minutes of peace to collect my thoughts and prep a recipe. And pour a glass of wine.

After last weekend's festivities, I was looking for some much needed relaxation time for all of us - but such is life --- I think the four of us have spent a combined 5 or 6 hours together. Saturday is usually our day to just be a family, but I had a volunteer engagement on Saturday afternoon and Matt had breakfast plans. Then today was Matt's day for church (we trade since Q can't go to daycare and even if she could, the babies schedule at the moment is not exactly lining up with church. He was sweet enough to bring home lunch for us both and then I had to hit the road to Bible Study, then grocery, then home, then Matt left for his youth meeting 30 minutes later. Exciting stuff.

However, in between that, we did have some fun times --- "Uncle" Greg (who is Matt's good friend from his previous job) came over on Friday night to see the babies with his girlfriend. I had not seen Greg since I almost projectile puked on him in recovery after the babies were born, so it was good to see him -- and not to be nauseauted. "Uncle" Greg locked his keys in his car that night so while we were waiting for him to arrive we had an impromptu photo session with the twins. See pics below. I have some new favorites of the babies! Anyway, we had a great time with the two of them catching up over faijitas and Colby red wine - went to bed way tooooooo late again.

Big boy

May the force be with you

Hanging on for dear life - getting so good at pulling up and standing, but they haven't exactly figured out how to gracefully fall down. Quinn looks concerned.

And we all fall down - what to do?

The best daddy ever

We've mentioned that we like to cuddle, right?

And in black & white because we were getting crazy with the camera functions.

Closest I can get to a cuddle with Quinn

This is a more typical Quinn picture

So is this one. She has NO fear. She will just launch herself off of anything. Including my lap and furniture.

Another typical Quinn pic

Ryan's typical picture. Are you seeing the HUGE difference in their personalities??

Mouth full of teeth. Which he has used to gnaw on my beautiful crib railing.

Yup, lots and lots of teeth. Lots and lots of teeth marks.

Wait, that's the REAL remote. Not smart, Mommy & Daddy

This is what happened when we took away the real remote. The child is not without drama.

Saturday night was my pre-birthday dinner out. My birthday is on a Wednesday this year which everyone knows is a huge bummer. Almost a big of a bummer as actually turning 31. That's seriously in your thirties. Blech. Age be darned, we met my friend Katie (who I have talked about on here once or twenty times) and her husband Ryan for an adults evening for sushi. Actually, when I think about it, I don't think the 4 of us have ever eaten at anything other than a sushi place. This time we went somewhere new and it was wonderful! So good to catch up and the 4 of us always have a good time. We managed to take a couple of pictures as well last night.

So tonight, I am just praying for good bottles and good sleep from the babes & a 9:00pm bedtime for me. Sounds ambitious but I think I can do it.


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