Since the kids "moved in", Max (our dog & first-born) has given them less than a warm reception. I think everytime I come back home, he desperately hopes that I "forgot" to bring "them" back. For the first few weeks after their arrival he was on a severe hunger strike --- then he must have decided that the sound of his growling stomach was getting rather annoying - and probably painful. It was definitely disturbing our sleep at any rate. So he started to eat again, but now will only eat off the floor, not out of an actual bowl - but whatever, he's eating.

For months we have been working with him (actually Matt has done most of it) to be able to tolerate pats from the kids and not to just run away or worse, bite or growl. And slowly but surely, he has been warming up and almost just purring at them in the last week or so. Well, this morning, I caught this video - Quinn was on her morning "cruise" around the couch and decided to pause long enough to pat the dog and laugh. And he just laid there and was soooo content. Trust me, this was a big moment in our household. Anyway, I was able to grab the camera and catch most of it on video. Enjoy!

And I know I owe a 10 month post --- this time I have a really, really good excuse. I started working again (part-time from home) with my former employer/church. So grateful to have this job, not so much for the $ aspect but just to be able to focus on something other than baby food & playing with sippy cups. It's healthy for my mind. BUT the past few days have been spent working fast & furious to get up to speed, so not much time for facebook, blogging, or really anything else except for babies and attempting to be a good wife. All of that to say -- 10 month post will come soon :)

Have a great day!
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