Random Thoughts of the Week

This week has been incredibly busy - so busy that I have barely opened up my people.com window - so I really have no idea what is going on in the world of the stars. I know, it's critically important.

So here are just a few oberservations & random thoughts:

1. Two almost 11 month olds are HILARIOUS. They make me laugh every day by something crazy that they do. Today Quinn climbed up and then sat flat on TOP of a toy in order to reach the "promised land" that is the dvd player. Can we say Daddy has more baby proofing to do this weekend???

2. Two almost 11 months olds without Daddy is HARD. (But Daddy is home now, with a big shot gun under his bed and pistol in the drawer in case you had any ideas) But we all missed him. I missed his energy at the end of a long day. I missed being able to escape into a little world of my cooking oblivion for a moment. And the kids for sure missed him. And the dog misses him the most when he's gone. That's mainly because Matt is in charge of feeding Max and pretty sure I walked over to the water bowl today to find it bone dry & no idea how long it had been that way. Clearly I am not ready for a 3rd child.

3. I am blessed with just about the best girlfriends here. They keep me going in weeks like this. They drop by to stay hello and visit with the babies and me and just help the time pass. They meet me for girls night out when I can't stand it one minute longer. They bring lunch in the middle of the day just so we can chat for an hour. I don't know what I would do without them. For a long time, I was sort of anti-girlfriends...I mean, I had a handful of friends but I wasn't exactly sure who I could trust. Now I know. I guess that comes with age. And I feel so blessed to have these amazing, sweet, supportive girls in my life.

4. I have eaten way too many baked cheetos this week. I have eaten sandwiches pretty much every meal for the past 4 days. I have permamently stained orange/yellow fingers now. Awesome and well-balanced diet I have going.

5. I have such respect for single moms. I couldn't do it. Matt is stuck with me. We better just figure a way to work it out (and NOOOOOOO we are not having problems, I'm just sayin' - if there is a problem, we better figure out to get past it and quick, because neither of us can do this alone)

6. I have spent a crazy amount of time trying to plan the twin's birthday party. I'll keep the theme to myself for now, but safe to say that I have been all over the internet trying to coordinate. I have no idea why I am doing this to myself b/c clearly I am not Martha Stewart and "precious table settings" are not my thing and kinda want to make me throw up. I suppose I just hope people go away saying "that was such a fun party" rather than "did you see the centerpiece. OMG precious." Kind of how I felt about my wedding really. And truly their party is soooo small. Literally just family and some adopted "aunts" and "uncles" and a couple of dear friends. But I suppose it is the milestone... I fully plan to be a blubbering mess about them turning one - so add waterproof mascara to my ever-growing list of things to buy.

That is all. TGIF. And bless you all : )

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