10 Months - or close enough?

Finally, the 10 month post. Sans pictures because we got some new fancy camera that I haven't been able to totally master yet. Well, I figured out the picture taking part (save for the 100 deletions I did) but have not made it to the part of the instruction manual that tells you how to actually download (upload?) the pictures.

I am soooo not technology saavy. Which is why I wasn't allowed to play with our old point and shoot for a couple of years without the constant reminder of having the wrist guard on. What can I say? I have a tendency to get distracted and drop things. And dropping things like cameras is no bueno in this household.

Slightly more acceptable is breaking 2 coffee pots in as many months, but we won't even talk about how that happened. Or how much glass a coffee pot actually contains and even better, how much fun the clean up is when there is slightly stale coffee still in the pot.

Moving on, the babies are 10 months. Or they were about a week ago. As I mentioned in the previous post, I started back to work. Same company, part-time from home, doing the fun communication/marketing stuff that I did before which is great. I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to come around again because I know once we get back in the groove of things, it will be good for all of us. Last week was a little stressful but not unexpected. So we'll see how it goes - but so far Monday was seemingly less stressful, thank goodness. Now I am wired for other reasons (it couldn't have been the gallons of diet coke I drank today), so I am finally writing the babies 10 month post (I'm skipping weights, sizes, etc and focusing on personality and development stuff this month - while realizing that children hit these at all different times.) I just want to be able to remember when my children did stuff or funny stuff or weird stuff.

Ryan: What You Are Up to @ 10 Months Old:

- Son, you just make me smile. You are still my laidback, easy-going boy. You smile at pretty much everything. You think I am hilarious. You think your daddy is hilarious. We are starting to think we are funny people - good for our egos.

- You are SUCH an observer. You watch it all and take it all in. Last month was the clapping. This month is the mimicking of clicking your tongue up and down. You will do it and then look at us to do it with you. You also think this is just about the funniest thing ever. You make noise constantly, but it's so boyish -- I don't know how to explain it... you just have these grunts, babbles, etc that are just all boy.

- You are full on crawl and want to go everywhere. And you move fast. You still aren't a huge fan of walking with mommy, but you will tolerate it for a few moments before you want to plop your butt down. You are now a master puller-upper and are starting to cruise around the furniture. The first week or so of doing this, you would cry because you couldn't figure out how you were going to get down once you got up. But now you've got it under control.

- You still have a big head that you somehow manage to bump on everything. Every day it seems you have a new red mark. I have baby proofed as much as possible, but that doesn't stop you from hitting in on the toys, your sister, your crib, etc. I am trying to say this politely --- but you are a crier when you hit something. You get over it pretty quickly, but everytime you hit something I am pretty sure it sounds like you have just been shot.

- You are getting to be a little expert sippy cup "sipper". We leave your sippy cups around for you to play on and more often than not, I find you just laying on a pillow sipping water happily.

- Speaking of playing, you are great at independent play and staying still. If you find something you are happy with, your attention span on that toy is fantastic.

- I know I was going to mention sizes or weights - and actually I have no idea how much you weigh now, but you are just very dense. I don't know how else to put it, but for a small guy, you are pretty darn heavy and it's all compacted into your big legs. I think once we get past this whole preemie thing, you are going to take off - and you could be a big bruiser on the football field. Or we may have to put you into non-contact sports if you keep crying everytime you hit something :) We'll give you a couple of years to get over that though.

- I say it every month, but you just have the sweetest, cuddliest (is that a word??) spirit. You are happy to just cuddle on my shoulder and dance around the living room with me. I love those moments. You make my heart sing when you grin at me with those big chicklets in your mouth :) ADORABLE. We love you so much!! Happy 10 month birthday - less than 2 months to go until the "big one"!

Quinn: What You are Up To @ 10 Months Old:

- Quinnie, what can we say - you remain our spirited, fiesty, sweet little girl. You do everything either full force or not at all. You have an independent streak that makes me smile and cringe at the same time :) You have a giggle that is absolutely contagious. If it's not slightly dangerous or exciting, you don't want to be a part of it!

- You are scary smart (at least in my non-professional, having never raised babies, opinion). You pick up on things so quickly. And most of the time, it's not stuff we have taught you, but you have just taught yourself by doing it over and over and over. Your persistence is amazing.

- You are an expert cruiser. You can walk up and down the couch, all the way around the living room as long as there is a toy to hang onto. You don't even need both hands now. You can just go with one hand and zoom, you are off! You are finally full-on crawling b/c you figured out how to make it faster than the army crawl. You are also GREAT at walking. You will hold Mommy's hand and just go. I used to have to pull your arms to get you to move your legs, but it's all you now. You will even take a few steps with me just barely holding one hand. You are on your way! God help us, but I do believe you will walk before your 1st birthday!

- You still have only 2 teeth, but you are pretty good with those teeth -- you will eat most everything I put in front of you (although not in huge amounts). Current faves: bread with butter, crackers, any kind of cheese, and of course, the old faithful yogurt. You also love peas and corn. You are less sure about beans right now but I think you are coming along. You are OVER bottles and really only take 2 good ones per day. Mommy is trying not to freak out too much about that - and in fact, for the first time in 10 months, for the past 3 days I have not recorded every meal and amount you have taken. It's been refreshing not to track every single ounce. (Oh, and for the record, you do weight about 16lbs 7oz right now - right on the "Quinn Curve" and your dietician is pleased with your continued progress.

- You like sippy cups too, but you have little patience to lay there and drink from it. You will for a little while and then will start flinging it around (most likely ending up with you hitting your brother in his poor head). That pretty much sums up how you feel about most toys right now. You play with it for a second, then must move to something more exciting. And repeat. And repeat again. And then eventually Mommy runs out of toys that hold your attention, so you turn to my bib and burpcloth bins and destroy those. Sitting still would not exactly be in your vocabulary.

- Quinn, I for sure get my workout with you - you always want to be on the move and secretely I love it. I remember back to the 7 weeks in the NICU when you were just this pale, tiny little thing and I wondered if you would recover from all of that. Sweetheart, you have left those NICU memories in the dust and I am so proud of you. You have the tenacity and fortitude to overcome any adversity - so proud of you!! (I am also proud that this month you starting saying "Mama" and now you actually say it at me, knowing who I am. Ohhh, so in love with that!!) Your daddy and I love you so much, little Q. Thank you for making us laugh constantly at your new tricks. You are amazing!

At this point into my mommyhood, I can say by far, 9-10 months of age has been the most exhausting. I only say "so far" because I am sure this is just a sign of toddlerhood. (I know all my mommy friends who have toddlers are rolling their eyes and thinking "Just you wait, Meagan - you just thought you knew what tired was." I know, I know. But for now, this is tired!)

I guess I got so spoiled with their 3 naps and just bottle routine. Throw in 3 meals a day, 4 bottles a day (times 2 of course) and down to 2 naps, and I am one wiped out girl by the end of the day. However, while it has been tiring and I want to fall into bed every night at 9pm, it has also been the most fun age. They do something new everyday. One day they struggle with something new, and the next thing I know, they've mastered it. I wish I was better about blogging those "mastery" things. Not so I can say, "look what the twins can do!" but simply to be able to look back on and see how far we've come as a family and how they have progressed as individuals.

On a side note, it's been so interesting to watch these 2 drastically different babies develop. They each have their quirks and their own unique personalities. I am so reminded of how God creates us so special, so different, with varying talents and gifts. They seem to take turns with mastering different skills. Sometimes Ryan will do one "trick" and Q will follow a couple of weeks later. Or she will take the lead, and he will catch up later. It's all very interesting (nature vs nurture)... or interesting to me. Kind of like my living and breathing science experiment. Isn't that great? My kids are my guinea pigs.

So that's 10 months. No pictures. I promise some will follow as soon as I get my 2nd tutorial. Or I could just open the manual myself but that would require technical reading  and writing skills and LSU did not offer that as part of my marketing degree. And I also could be lazy. Probably the latter.

Have a great one!
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