First Easter Pics

Another first - and I think their "last" "first", save for their 1st Birthday. Sob. Sob.

The babies spent their first Easter in true style at the church nursery. Another first. Because of cold/flu season and repeated warnings from our doctor, Quinn was not allowed in any sort of nursery or childcare environment. So for the past 10 months, Matt and I have switched off every Sunday going to church while the other stays home to parent. The lone exception was Christmas Eve and their baptism day and they stayed with us in "big church" the whole time. Anyway, now that most of the bad season has passed and we made it through relatively unscathed, Quinn is now allowed back in the nursery at least until about 4 weeks prior to her surgery date. So we are going to be living it up as a family on Sunday mornings. Finally!

Except for the fact that it is REALLY hard to get 2 babies dressed in their finest while attempting to get my hair dried and some semblance of an outfit put on that's not yoga pant-inspired.
Anyways, from the reports of the nursery folks (unless they were just trying to make me feel better & knowing that I am "staff"), the twins did really well. In true fashion, Ryan apparently spent most of the time in the middle of the floor clapping and smiling. When he wasn't cuddling on someone's shoulder.
And Quinn - well, my little explorer apparently spent the hour crawling everywhere like a wild banchee and only smiling occasionally when she took a breather from her expeditions.

Sounds about right.

I have to say I was pretty proud of them. They have never been in an environment even close to that with 7 or 8 other babies plus new surroundings. Whew - I wasn't exactly holding my breath during church service but I was keeping a pretty close eye on the projector screen where they roll across the names of the unfortunate parents who need to come get their child from childcare. I need not have worried.

Anyways, Easter was pretty low key around here. Mostly just church and then some pictures and playing with Gigi's Easter presents. And I feel I failed on some part as a parent - we didn't even get their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny :( With Matt traveling the week before and my new job, time and energy have been difficult to come by. Next year the Easter Bunny for sure. We tried to make up for it by having an impromptu photo shoot in our side yard with Easter baskets and eggs from former years. That's right. We didn't even buy them new Easter eggs this year. Parents of the year. But what was I going to put in them? Diced carrots? Sweet peas? Ooooh Cheerios.

(Have I mentioned that the wind hasn't stopped blowing here for 10 days straight?? It has been crazy. Poor kids, it has just been way too windy to have them outside for any amount of time. Ryan has horrible allergies, so last time we took him out, his face immediately broke out into hives that took 2 hours to disappear. Easter was no different, super windy & the kids were dealing with little colds and/or allergies. That explains the swollen and watery eyes. And snot bubbles galore. Who needs bubbles from the Easter basket when you have Quinn, the snot bubble-making machine? Evidence below.)

What's with the wind, Mommy?

Not so sure about picture day

Getting happier

Clap, clap, clap. It's what we do best

And again.

Well, that's enough clapping for now. Geez.

Loving her bunny.


How many of these things can I  hold?

And it's the snot bubble.

Would it really be Easter if you can't stick a baby in a basket?

Quinn was may more excited about the basket

2 babies in one basket. Tight fit.

I just love the look on her face. So excited.

Ummm, is it over yet?

C'mon sissy, let's make a break for it.

I done. I done. I DONE.

Reading cards from Gigi

Hats to match Team Quinn tshirts!

She'll grow into it. Thanks, Gigi.

Hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter!

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