Haircut & Shoes

Those two words really have nothing to do with each other, except that they are each a little milestone for the babies. And we like to keep things fair around here when recording milestones.

Let's start with haircuts.

For at least a month or two, I kept saying that we needed to get Ryan's hair cut. He was starting to get this overhang around his ears, a little tail (a VERY becoming look), and longish bangs that wouldn't do anything. And because his hair is super baby-fine, it didn't even curl or make a little cute frat shag. Although I don't think frat shags are that cute either.

Anyway, for one reason or another - perhaps because I really didn't want to have to cut his hair - we kept putting it off. Well, finally this past Saturday, we decided to pull the trigger. Of course, we just had to decide to go when everyone was getting their back to school 'dos, so we landed at Great Clips at about 5 in the afternoon to avoid the crowd. This was, of course, after Matt signficantly made fun of the outfit I put Ryan in for his big day (a precious smocked jon jon - which I found adorable).

Matt is not on the smocked bandwagon. In fact, I have been given a countdown to the last time Ryan will be allowed in anything smocked/monogrammed/custom made/anything but a jon jon. I am sad to say that once he turns 2, all things smocked are out. I blame this partially on a conversation we had with a couple we hang out with regularly. Her husband set the 2 year timeframe so "the kids won't get their butts kicked" and Matt thought it was a great idea.

To be honest, I don't think it has so much to do with what Ryan wears, as much as it does with the price of smocked anything. However, thanks to the regular auctions I frequent on Facebook, I have SAVED him tons of money. He just has no clue. But I will respect the 2 year timeline, mostly because I was not given a timeline for Quinn, so I still have the opportunity to play dress up with her. I guess Ryan will just sport the boring polo shirts and khakis for the rest of his childhood. Much like his daddy dresses now. So easy being a guy - not having to follow trends. Nice shirt, pants, shoes, done - classy. Must be nice.

I digress. As usual.

Anyway, with little sister along with support, we trooped into Great Clips with camera in hand and took over the place. I was a little nervous on how Ryan would do - I knew he would either be a rock star and take it like a man or go 180 in the other direction and have a complete freak out. Since he hates the sound of my hairdryer or the vacuum cleaner or anything loud, I thought it could be the 180. But I would be wrong. We set him on a little booster seat, they strapped a fun cape around him, and the hairstylist (barber?) went to work. Not one tear was shed. He moved around a bit which was to be expected, but mostly just sat like a big boy and did so well. He didn't exactly look thrilled - I don't believe he cracked a smile the whole time - but he didn't look devestated either. He was in classic "Ryan chill" mode. Quinn was way more into the whole experience and flashed huge cheese smiles the whole time. I think she really wanted to have her turn. Sorry baby girl, your peach fuzz probably doesn't need a trim for a good 3 years.

But because we like to keep everything fair & square, after the big cut, we headed out to purchase Quinn her first pair of big girl shoes. The kids haven't owned a pair of shoes since winter, and that was mainly for cuteness and not for necessity. And after I got tired of constantly putting back on shoes and socks that were haphazardly thrown off and discarded - we abandoned them both all together and have gone barefoot all summer. And who needs socks in 100+ degree weather? I figured if I was most comfortable in my flip flops or bare feet, then the kids were too.

Yet with Quinn walking proficiently now and the kids getting heavier, it's a whole lot easier to just carry Ryan and have Quinn hold my hand if we go out anywhere. So shoes seemed like the appropriate purchase since trooping your daughter across hot pavement in bare feet is probably frowned upon.

Because she's having surgery so soon, we did not go the expensive route and get the "good walking shoes" like Stride Rites or anything. We figure by the time she has the surgery and has recovered enough to be in public, she will have outgrown those. So we headed to Children's Place. Which most of the time I can find some pretty cute basics and matching outfits for the kids for super reasonable prices, especially since I usually have a coupon.

But their shoes? Ughhhh. Everything was glittery, sparkly, and just plain ugly. All I wanted was a basic pair of little slip ons or ballet flats in just a basic color like black, white, or brown. Apparently I was asking for too much. Even their black shoes had glittery stuff on it and a big fat shining heart. Yuck. We finally ended up with a pair of a decent color dark pink suedish-type shoes and then a pair of silver flats that I had to comprimise on, just because we can't wear pink shoes with everything. Or maybe we could. Maybe I just thought she should have 2 pairs.

And while I knew Q had some tiny feet, I thought for sure by now, she would have moved into the big girl sizes - but no. Not at CP. She still wears the 6-12 mo baby shoes with tons of space at the end. How she walks in them is beyond me. Actually, once we got home, we made her practice, and she was so amazed by these sparkly things on her feet that she kept looking downward and tripping over herself. I am kicking myself that I didn't videotape that little gem because it was hilarious. But she's worn them a few times now, and the newness of the glitter seems to have worn off.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the big haircut day:

About to get started!

First cut - right off the top

A little more...

See, cheesey smile! Love that girl!

Quinn supporting her big bro

Where did the hairstylist go? (To go get the clippers, aggghhh - that made me nervous but R did great with them!)

Yikes, Mommy!

I just love her big ole eyes in this pic

Precious boy showing off the sides. To be honest, I think some of it was a little short but hair grows and he doesn't care!

All done!

Handsome boy!

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